Great shooting, General Hawk. That oughta win you a cupie doll.
  -- Sci Fi (after General Hawk destroys a giant snake)
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"Some nights it don’t pay to get out of bed."
- Low-Light (after learning that their mission was launched after the theft of a computer game)

While searching for a way out, Cross Country activates a booby trap that fires steel darts and another one that opens a trap door, which he falls through. He plummets into an underground river and is sucked into a whirlpool. Cobra Commander, who is watching the scene on a screen, calmly states, “Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

He then turns to Firefly and asks about the computer file. Firefly explains that one of Destro’s Rattillo creatures found a floppy disk, which prompts Destro to remind everyone that research and development does pay off. Destro slips the disk into a computer and Cobra Commander asks if the secured file has been opened. Although he is denied access, Destro explains that it will be a minute before he can open the file. However, Cobra Commander throws his arms into the air and asks to be notified when the rocket scientist has cracked the security. “Rocket scientist indeed,” Destro mutters in an unnerved tone.

After he is flushed into the sea, Cross Country swims toward the surface. A shark moves to attack him, however, the Joe punches its nose and continues his trek to the surface, where he catches sight of a ship and a light house.

After swimming to a beach and racing up the steps of the lighthouse, Cross Country sends an SOS to the Polish cargo ship's crew, who relay the message to Mainframe.

And as soon as General Hawk learns about the message from Mainframe, he flies in a Tomahawk with Lift-Ticket and Lifeline to the lighthouse. They pick up Cross Country and then land in the restaurant district. Before leaving the Tomahawk, General Hawk orders Lifeline, Sci Fi, Lady Jaye, Beach Head, Low-Light and Cross Country to complete the mission by the book.

Inside the cave, one of the slaves falls to the ground, and while another urges him to get up, a Tele-Viper explains that if the slave can’t work, he can fry. But Cross Country taps the shoulder of Tele-Viper and then punches the Cobra agent in the face when he turns around.

After a firefight erupts between the Joes and the Tele-Vipers, Cross Country yells for the slaves to grab the keys to the handcuffs from the unconscious Tele-Viper. And as soon as the slaves are free, they tackle and clobber the Tele-Vipers.

Watching the scene from afar, General Hawk comments, “Well, it looks like we only had to set things in motion.”

After Cobra Commander angrily reminds Destro that the security of the G.I.Joe disk has not been cracked after several hours, Firefly points to a set of monitors displaying a slave revolt and suggests that they retreat since a fire is spreading toward the temple. “Idiots!” Cobra Commander screams as he leaves the computer room. “I’m surrounded by incompetent idiots!” And while Destro follows them, he tosses the floppy disk to the ground.

Rummaging through a pile of stolen materials, Cross Country finds Lady Jaye’s hairdryer and Slipstream’s flight log and places them in his bag. But his search is interrupted by Cobra Commander, who states that his plans are not a total loss since he has the Joe for a prisoner. But Cross Country nails Cobra Commander with the bag and pummels Firefly.

Cross Country, however, is then kicked and punched several times by Storm Shadow while the Dreadnoks escape from the base. And while the Joe is lying on the ground, he asks between painful breaths, “Had - had enough?” But Storm Shadow says nothing while standing over the Joe.

Slowly reaching for his bag, Cross Country hurls the bag at Storm Shadow and nails him in the head.

Cobra Commander compliments Cross Country’s “smooth move.” However, before Firefly and Cobra Commander can shoot him, the Joes enter the room. Firefly grabs the unconscious Storm Shadow and all of the Cobra agents leave the base in Destro’s escape pod, which bursts through a street and streaks away in the sky.

General Hawk watches the plane and tells the Joes that their mission was successful despite the fact that it was an impromptu one. Cross Country agrees with General Hawk’s assessment and then happily adds that he found all of the items taken from the Joes. But when he opens his bag, he finds that the items were damaged and apologies.

As they rise into the air, Lift-Ticket reports: “While you were out chasing shadows, Mainframe radioed to say he found out what file was missing.”
General Hawk: “What was it?”
Lift-Ticket: “Are you ready for this? (laughs) It was a video game. Something Mainframe and Dial-Tone cooked up.”
Sci Fi: “All this for that?”
Low-Light: “Some nights it don’t pay to get out of bed.”
And the Joes fly home.

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