Come on! Move your feet - not your mouth!
  -- Beach Head (to the other Joes while invading a fort)
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"I don’t know, but I ain’t eating it until I find out."
- Low-Light (to Sci Fi while looking at an unidentifiable part of their meal)

Walruses jump into the water as Tele-Vipers approach them and the Cobra agents then begin to assemble an antenna. However, one of the Tele-Vipers hears a noise and flashes the words “What tha?” on his visor moments before a HAVOC races toward them. The shots from the Cobra agents’ guns do not damage the heavily armored HAVOC, and Snow Job, Iceberg, Lady Jaye, Cross Country and Roadblock easily destroy the antenna.

But the HAVOC stalls on top of the wreckage. Although all of the Joes abandon the vehicle, Cross Country remains and asks for Roadblock’s help while under fire from the Tele-Vipers. Lady Jaye flies away in the Hovercraft, however, she is shot down by the Tele-Vipers. “Now that ain’t no way to treat a lady,” Cross Country yells before turning on his radio and blasting the Tele-Vipers with country music.

The Cobra agents grab their ears in agony and the Joes rush forward to press their counter-attack. The Joes kick and punch their way through the group of Cobras, but one of the agents fires a grenade at the HAVOC and destroys the vehicle and the radio. Lady Jaye knocks the Cobra agent down with a flying kick and yells Cross Country's name.

Stepping out of the wreckage and smoke, the HAVOC driver complains that he is not okay since Cobra destroyed his tape deck. Roadblock then chimes in: “Man, those Tele-Vipers made Cross Country mad, but anybody who hates country music can’t be all bad.”

Cross Country decides to buy another tape player, however, inside the Joes’ base, the tape deck is stolen by a mutant pack rat. Elsewhere on the base, Dial-Tone and Mainframe play a video game, and after Dial-Tone whoops with delight as he wins a game, Mainframe tells him to be quiet. “Let’s play it again,” Dial-Tone suggests. “Naw, it’s late. We gotta get up in a couple of hours!”

Inside the commissary, Cover Girl, Scarlett, Alpine, Lady Jaye, Slipstream, Lifeline, Gung Ho, Sci Fi, Low-Light, Roadblock, Leatherneck and Bazooka make their way through the chow line. After Low-Light asks if Sci Fi has seen his scope, Sci Fi asks if his teammate has seen his calculator and then decides to pass on some of the choices of food available. When Sci Fi asks Low-Light what was offered to him, he is told: “I don’t know, but I ain’t eating it until I find out.”

While in line, Slipstream jokingly asks Lady Jaye who styled her hair. After explaining that she couldn’t find her hairdryer, Slipstream confesses he couldn’t find his flight log book. Suddenly, Cross Country bursts into the room and yells that the Joes have gone too far.

After Lady Jaye asks him to calm down and explain what is wrong, Cross Country explains that his tape deck is missing and adds that he can’t go into battle without his country western music, a thought that makes most of the Joes laugh. Lady Jaye asks if Cross Country believes some of his fellow Joes are thieves. He slowly admits that the Joes are honest, but then angrily states that there are “a whole bunch of music critics!”

Cross Country places another tape deck on a counter, hides behind a HAVOC and waits to see who grabs the bait. The mutant pack rat climbs out of the air conditioning vent and searches the room. After spying the tape deck, it grabs the bait and Cross Country tries to grab the creature.

However, the creature eludes him and races back down the air conditioning duct with the tape player. Realizing he doesn’t have any choice but to follow the pack rat, Cross Country climbs into the air conditioning duct and pursues the thief.

Mainframe stands up from his chair, complains about his aching back and orders the computer program on his monitor, “Stay.” After reminding himself to place a requisition for a new chair and leaving the room for more coffee, another mutant pack rat enters the room, copies the program to a floppy disk and leaves.

Three of the creatures leave the base and escape through a hole in the security fence that is created by one of the creature’s claws, and Cross Country follows them as they race through a restaurant district and then into a sewer drain.

At the sewer's entrance, the Joe flinches at the smell and pinches his nose, but he enters the tunnel after commenting that detective work is rarely easy. Cross Country marches through the dark tunnels and finds a slave labor camp. He retraces his steps and follows a path to a temple where people in robes chant while marching to a stage made of stone located under a giant Cobra statue, where Cobra Commander welcomes them to the first congress of the Secret Society of Cobra.

Cobra Commander explains that they have been selected to join the brotherhood known as the Coil, whose purpose is to exterminate Serpentor and “his deranged scientist sidekick,” Dr. Mindbender, and return the power of Cobra back to Cobra Commander. While the robed followers hail Cobra Commander, Cross Country begins his walk back to G.I.Joe headquarters in order to report to General Hawk about the Cobra power struggle.

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