Unbelievable! And I thought you were weird!
  -- Sgt. Slaughter (to Sci Fi after walking into a science fiction convention)
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"What a spoiled brat I have created."
- Dr. Mindbender (after Serpentor orders him to find Cobra Commander immediately)

However, the Joe finds himself at the three cave entrances and turns around to find himself face-to-face with the Dreadnoks. Torch, Buzzer, Thrasher, Monkeywrench and Ripper laugh at their surprise Christmas present and Cross Country warns them not to make him angry. Torch fires his flamethrower and tells the Joe, “Here, mate. Let me make you really hot under the collar!” But when the flames disburse, Cross Country is gone.

Elsewhere in the Cobra base, Destro states that Cobra Commander has “really gone off the deep end,” however, Firefly states that Cobra Commander has had “many success over the years.”

Cross Country evades a group of Tele-Vipers hunting for him and runs down a hallway. But the Tele-Vipers hear his footsteps and chase the Joe while firing their guns at him.

Cross Country reaches the end of the cave and climbs down a rock wall, jumps across a river of lava and climbs down a stone column to escape the Tele-Vipers.

Cross Country leans against a wall to catch his breath, but the stone wall parts and he smashes into Firefly and Destro’s table.

“Insolent fool! I’ll crush you like a box of crackers,” Destro promises Cross Country. But the Joes grabs his radio on the ground and punches Destro in the face while yelling, “Some other time, chrome-dome!” The Joe sprints across the room, jumps onto Firefly’s back and uses him as a springboard to leap up and grab a ledge. Unfortunately, Torch is on a ledge above him while Firefly is below him and both are firing a flamethrower at the Joe. Watching the Joe squirm between the two flames, Monkeywrench asks if anyone brought the marshmallows.

After Mainframe confirms that a file has been copied and deleted, he reports the incident to General Hawk, who asks Sgt. Slaughter to accompany him to the computer lab.

While Dr. Mindbender examines several monitors, Serpentor asks about the Vipers in the mines. The Cobra scientist states there was a rumor about a Cobra flu, however, Serpentor is not pleased with Dr. Mindbender’s answer and orders him to find the Vipers and bring Cobra Commander to him. “This I command!” Serpentor barks.

Walking out of the room, Dr. Mindbender clenches his fists and irritably states, “What a spoiled brat I have created!”

Cross Country pushes a statue off of a ledge and quickly climbs on top of it. The statue crashes through a wall and the Joe slams into the ground. Climbing to his feet, Cross Country looks around the dark, cobweb-infested room, which reminds him of his Aunt Hazel’s kitchen.

The Joe continues his search for a way out of the caves, but he finds another slave operation, one designed to mine gold and where the Tele-Vipers kick anyone who is lying down on the job. While walking with Destro, Firefly and Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander states that he needs more gold to finance the Coil and orders Destro to increase production by one hundred percent. Destro balks at the figure and explains that the slaves have been working non-stop for the past three days.

Stopping to grab a small amount of gold on the ground, Cobra Commander states that he must have more gold since his plans for the Coil will eliminate Serpentor and G.I.Joe in one bold move. Unfortunately, the rock ledge supporting Cross Country crumbles and the Joe falls on top of Destro. After the Joe is placed in handcuffs, he remarks to himself in jail, “Well, this is right embarrassing.”

In a conference room, General Hawk explains that a number of items have been reported as missing, including a classified computer file. He also states the Cross Country is AWOL and asks the group of Joes for any useful information.

Inside his cell, Cross Country exchanges insults with Cobra Commander, who swats the Joe while he is handcuffed. Firefly enters the room and reports that a G.I.Joe computer file was retrieved. Ordering him not to say anything else until they reach the computer room, Cobra Commander leaves with Firefly and Storm Shadow.

Alone at last, Cross Country pulls a key from behind his goggles, picks the handcuffs and slips out the cell and past a group of Tele-Vipers.

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