Well, Zandar, you failed so quickly?
  -- Zartan (after Zandar retreats from Joe headquarters)
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"Enough is enough."
- Duke (after seeing part of the Cobra-produced show The Likeables)

Unaware that a Cobra space shuttle is removing several satellites orbiting Earth, the Joes train and relax at headquarters. Wild Bill, who is trying to complete a crossword puzzle, asks Roadblock for a French word that has the clue of cubic decimeter. The gourmet chef answers “Litre” and then turns on the television to catch the news.

However, the only station he can pick up is the Cobra Television Network, featuring shows like Father’s No Beast, which is the story of a man who is a werewolf by night and tells the viewers to not trust anyone. As Mr. C, from the show The C Team, tells the viewers that he “pities the fool who doesn’t join Cobra,” Roadblock calls the other viewers into the room.

Believing the Joes are watching a joke on video, Duke tries to changes the station, however, he finds Cobra Commander on a talk show and explains to the host that since he was six years old, the age he learned that he could run society better than “the morons in charge,” he has devoted all of his resources to making the world a better place. “Slow learner, I guess,” Lady Jaye says with arms crossed and a scowl on her face. “You don’t think anyone will watch that garbage?” Scarlett asks, but Lady Jaye tells her that some people will watch anything on television. “That’s not the worst of it, Lady Jaye,” Duke says. “Some people will believe anything.”

In a base in the Himalayas, Cobra Commander, Destro and the Baroness watch King Kong destroy the planes while a detective on the street turns to the camera and explain that if someone is bigger and stronger than you, then you can not beat them. Cobra Commander then explains to the twins that he changed the ending with computer graphics and voice synthesizers in order to promote the social philosophy of Cobra. Cobra Commander explains to the curious Baroness that the base was set up in the mountain range so that Cobra could broadcast their shows uninterrupted. And to quell Destro’s worries, Cobra Commander explains that people trust television since it is their friend, and since Cobra controls all of the television, they have the power to create truth, which allows Cobra to show the Joes in any light they wish.

As Col. Sharpe walks with Duke, Scarlett and Lady Jaye, he tells Duke that Senator Flim is a bit odd, however, the Joes need his help since he is in charge of the aeronautics commission. The four enter the room and Scarlett answers the Senator’s question about why he called him to his office, but before he asks another question, Duke interjects that the Skystrikers need rocket boosters to navigate in space. Senator Flim claps Duke on his shoulder and happily tells him, “Well, if it will make the world safe for democracy, you’ve got them, son.” He then tells Duke that he remembers why he called him to his office. Lowering his voice and leaning to Duke, the senator then asks Duke if he can find some tickets to the Army-Navy football game for him. Duke rolls his eyes up and tells the Senator that he will look into the matter.

Tomax and Xamot tell a group of advertising executives that 30 seconds of commercial airtime will cost five million dollars, and the group decides that the fee is outrageous and asks what will happen if they don’t pay. The Crimson Guard Commanders, who are dressed in their blue and gray suits, explain that if they don’t pay the only television network in town, then their competitors will be able to sell their shampoos, deodorants and designers jeans while they go bankrupt. Asking if there are any questions, the group replies unanimously and sadly, “No.”

As a purple cartoon character in a suit in tie tells two green cartoon characters that no one likes him, the green characters explain that because he looks different, sounds different and thinks different he will never be liked. But the green characters change the purple cartoon guy to a green outfit and skin, and they walk away happily while an announcer explains that more pro-social fun will air tomorrow on The Likeables.

Duke then turns off the televisions and growls, “Enough is enough.” Mutt, Flint, Roadblock and Shipwreck mumble in agreement and Ace breaks to the front of the crowd to tell Duke that the Skystrikers are ready for flight. Lady Jaye and Alpine explain that they are ready and Duke is shocked by Alpine decision to volunteer. Alpine tells Duke that unless he stops Cobra, then he will never see Bowling for Dollars again.

Cobra Commander dances with a globe, sits it on the ground and tells Tomax and Xamot that the world is completely in his control. But they flip, land on the globe and explain that the “ball is still in play.” Activating a monitor, Tomax and Xamot introduce the Joes to Cobra Commander, who tells the twins to contact Zartan on the satellite. As the Joes break through the atmosphere and fly into space, Ace tells the Joes to ready their missiles.
“Roger,” radios Lady Jaye.
“Fred,” chimes in Alpine.
“I’m sick of hearing about Roger,” Alpine tells her.

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