Great shooting, General Hawk. That oughta win you a cupie doll.
  -- Sci Fi (after General Hawk destroys a giant snake)
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"Oh, terrific. Now we get to play hide-and-seek."
- Scarlett (while chasing some young thugs into an alley)

As Robert Harper, a mayoral candidate with the platform of “law and order,” tells the unseen voting community that he promises to bring peace to the city if elected, a local thug wearing a bright red jacket with the word 'rogue' on the back rips a poster of Harper off a telephone pole and hops over a fence as police sirens draw close. Two more ruffians, Rick and Pelar, decide to take a poll by knocking on a door and telling the homeowner that he will not vote for Harper but Whittier Greenway. Harper stands at podium and continues to repeat his campaign’s theme while the gang members toss food at Harper.

Speeding along the freeways of the city Freedom flies above Scarlett as she listens to Col. Sharp explain that the Joes have been assigned to protect Harper and are told to “keep their heads” since the enemy is barely old enough to vote. Just as the podium and stage are destroyed by the gang, the Joes, Scarlett, Zap, Snake Eyes, Lady Jaye, Spirit, Timber and Freedom, arrive on Silver Mirage Motorcycles and drive the gang away. The vandals turn into an alley and climb to the roof via the fire escape ladders.

Not immediately spotting the gang members, Scarlett disgustedly remarks to the Joes, “Oh, terrific. Now we get to play hide and seek.” Freedom squeals and the Joes then follow the gang to the roof, however, a gang member signals the Dreadnoks and Buzzer, Torch and Ripper ride their Cobra Ferrets off the rooftop of one building and drop onto another to help out the Blue Jean Brigade. Shooting away the ladder, Torch causes Zap, Spirit and Snake Eyes to fall to the ground while Lady Jaye and Scarlett flip over the side of the building and crash through the window of an apartment rented by a fellow who has just stepped out of the shower. “We’ll pay for the window, mister. Honest,” Scarlett remarks as they leave the room.

Scarlett and Lady Jaye return to the ruins of the fire escape on the ground, however, they do not find their teammates. Since they are under orders to protect Robert Harper, the female Joes return to the park and help him out of the wreckage of the speaking platform.

As the Joes are led to an underground prison inside a railroad tunnel, the gang members are told by the Dreadnoks that they have “bollixed up” the job and shouldn’t be paid, a thought that angers Pelar, who is pushed to the ground by Ripper as she attempts to rough him up. The Joes run from their captors and are pursued by the gang members. Snake Eyes is tackled to the tracks by Pelar as a train zooms toward them.

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