Whatís the matter? Surprised I went to college?
  -- Sgt. Slaughter (to Lifeline, who did not know Sgt. Slaughter is fluent ancient Greek)
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"Who's 'Stupid'?"
- Shipwreck (to Althea before she introduces her stuffed animal toy, a cat, to him)

In Althea's room, Shipwreck listens to Althea bless her mother, father, the President and Stupid. Unaware of anyone known as Stupid, Shipwreck asks Althea about the person and learns that Stupid is merely her stuffed animal cat. Althea kisses Shipwreck good-night and optimistically hopes that her father's memory will return in the morning. "Maybe so, Althea," the bewildered Shipwreck tells her. "Maybe so."

On a couch, Shipwreck sits depressed and Mara tells him that he looks like he is about to cry. Shipwreck confesses that he never believed himself to be part of the suburban-two-car-father-type and Mara tells him that he sounds like someone is going to take it away. She adds that he will remember their wedding and that after a good night sleep he will feel ready for a day at work. Wondering where he works, Shipwreck sips his coffee and falls to the floor again.

Shipwreck again travels to the underground carwash and is tormented by Cobra Commander, Destro, the Baroness, Tomax and Xamot. But since Shipwreck can not reveal anything willingly, he awakens in the middle of the night screaming. Mara calms him down, but Shipwreck tells her that he believes he is going crazy.

At Marina Del Shipwreck, Shipwreck asks his partners, Torpedo and Deep Six, if they are his partners and when Torpedo explains that they were the last time they checked, Shipwreck shakes his head and says he still doesnít remember anything. Flint arrives escorting an unknown lady and Shipwreck whispers into Flintís ear that his date is better looking than Lady Jaye.

Flint angrily explains that she is his fiancé and punches Shipwreck, knocking him to the ground. He then tells Torpedo that he will take his business elsewhere. Torpedo explains that Shipwreck should have remembered that Flint is still sensitive about Lady Jaye and can not even stand the sound of her name since the night she was killed on the USS Flagg.

Shipwreck is shocked to learned that Lady Jaye was killed and wanders the streets and wonders how the formula was extracted since she was the only person who knew the password, however, Polly joins him and begs him to speak. But he catches sight of the carwash from his dreams and runs toward it. He turns around and steps out of the way as Roadblock nearly runs him over. Shipwreck runs to the opposite side of the carwash and watches Roadblock melt in the driverís seat. Screaming for help and yelling that his friend is melting, the workers restrain Shipwreck, knock him out and call the police.

In the Springfield jail, Shipwreck is handed a plate with a tuna fish sandwich by one of the guards, and after thanking the guard sarcastically for worrying about his health, Shipwreck takes a bite and falls to the floor unconscious. Inside a stone cell, Shipwreck is attacked by Flint, Torpedo and Deep Six and all three melt just like Roadblock.

Scarlett aims her crossbow at Shipwreck and demands to know what Mullaney told him, but after he explains that he doesnít remember, she tells him that they have a problem and she fires an arrow at him. The shot narrowly misses Shipwreck and he tries to subdue her. But she melts and he screams her name in a tortured voice.

With his back against a wall and his hands over his face, Shipwreck screams and asks what they want, however, there is no reply. Then, the four blobs of purple goo merge into one, envelop Shipwreck and carry him away.

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