Like what? A Snake of the Month club?
  -- Beach Head (after Mainframe discovers that Cobra has a mail-order business)
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"Did all of your cash just do the big flash?"
- Roadblock (after witnessing the disintegration of the money at a poker game)

In the middle of the night and in an unknown metropolis, jewelry stores, art galleries and antique coin shops are burglarized and the valuable merchandise and works are sold to the Crimson Guard Commanders, who meet several burglars near a wharf. As Tomax and Xamot, dressed in their Cobra attire, pay for the goods acquired by the thieves, a Blinks armored truck suddenly zooms toward them. The thieves scatter and the Tomax and Xamot flip over the truck before it slams into a post. The driver climbs out and tells the Crimson Guard commanders that the truck is ready for their use.

After driving the truck to their corporate headquarters, Tomax and Xamot change out of their Cobra costumes and into their suits and then tell their secretaries that they will be leaving for the day.The twins fly inside a Cobra Rattler toward a mountain top half-obscured by clouds and then accompany Cobra Commander as he visits Destro in his lab.

Cobra’s leader asks for a progress report on the thermal molecular ignition transmitter and Destro informs Cobra Commander that the device is ready and that a test is about to be conducted. The thermal molecular ignition transmitter glows for a moment, shoots a beam at a table with a stack of United State one hundred dollar bills and the entire pile is incinerated. Thrusting his hands into the air, Cobra Commander happily states that the United States will be in financial ruin the next day.

Ace, Roadblock, Thunder, Alpine and Ripcord are gathered around a table in the communications room at Joe Headquarters enjoying a game of poker. As Ace challenges everyone to try and beat his hand, the Joes fold one at time, however, before Ace can display his winning set of cards, the money on the table incinerates. Thunder pulls out his wallet to find ashes and Roadblock asks, “Did all of your cash just do the big flash?”

Breaker tunes into a broadcast from Cobra Commander who states that because of the fiscal irresponsibility of the US government, Cobra Commander has eliminated the old currency and will help create a new world order.

At the Department of the Treasury, thousands of people stand in front of the building and chant over and over again, “We want money!” Flint, Lady Jaye, Roadblock and Ripcord listen to the manager of currency production explain that in a few short days buying and selling have been replaced with rioting and new money cannot be produced because Cobra Commander will simply destroy the bills. And all he has to do is wait for the world to fall into chaos and then into his hands. Grimacing slightly, Flint mentions that the Joes and the world have one chance for victory - Cobra Commander doesn’t know how to wait.

An employee in the printing section of the Treasury Department, bursts out of an office and tells his boss that the “hissing fool” is back on television. Cobra Commander announces to the world that Cobra’s economic recovery plan will allow people to exchange their valuables for Cobra currency at any Extensive Enterprises building.

Believing the Joes have a lead, Flint and the other Joes travel on Silver Mirage Motorcycles to an Extensive Enterprises building, where a line of people stretches around several city blocks. As the Joes walk toward the entrance of the offices, the crowd tells the Joes to get in line, and one of the men grabs Lady Jaye and throws her to the ground. Ripcord tackles Lady Jaye’s assailant and tells him that they don’t want a fight, however, the citizens surround the Joes and attack them even as Flint yells for the Joes to not fight back.

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