You ever think about going into the fortune cookie business?
  -- Quick Kick (to Spirit after hearing a philosophical reply from the Joe)
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"At least one thing hasn’t changed."
- Shipwreck (arriving home and finding Polly as annoying as ever)

Shipwreck awakens in a hospital bed and learns from the nurse that he lost a fight with a satellite dish and informs him that his family is present. Shipwreck tells the nurse that he is surprised Uncle Al his only family, is present, but the nurse informs him that his wife and daughter are the visitors. A shocked Shipwreck watches Mara and a little girl walk into the room.

Confused and bewildered, Shipwreck leaps out of the bed and sees himself in the mirror with a gray beard. He then takes a seat by a window and asks Mara to explain what happened to Lady Jaye and the USS Flagg. Mara tells Shipwreck that the Rattlers dealt the USS Flagg a devastating blow and the ship sank and he was lost in the confusion. However, he refused to sink to a watery tomb so he ripped out the joystick and smashed the canopy. After swimming to the surface, he was washed onto a deserted island, where he built a raft of vines and trees and crossed the Pacific and sailed to Pearl Harbor.

When he reached Joe headquarters, he was given a medal and a hero’s welcome. With the knowledge given to him by Dr. Mullaney, Shipwreck helped find Temple Alpha and personally captured Cobra Commander, making him the hero of the final battle against Cobra.

Mara also explains to Hector (code-name: Shipwreck) that before the Joe team was disbanded Doc was able to reverse Cobra’s experiment that caused her to live only in the water. Doc enters the room with nurse Demming and after Shipwreck’s daughter shouts that she wants her father to come home, Doc suggests that maybe the familiar home setting will help Shipwreck regain his memory, however, while his daughter sits on his lap and Mara drives home, Shipwreck tell his wife that the neighborhood looks like any other he has known. Pulling up into 6 Village Drive, Shipwreck climbs out of the car and is greeted by a loudly squawking Polly, who he brushes away and tells Mara, “At least one thing hasn’t changed.”

Mara leads Shipwreck to a couch and tells him that she is going shopping with Althea and Scarlett to go shopping. A car horn honks and Shipwreck learns from Scarlett that he suggested that she put her crossbow on the hood of the car, which she and Duke bought together 3 years ago. Shipwreck’s family and Scarlett leave and he walks back into the house, stretches out on a couch and tells himself that maybe when he wakes up the dream will end.

Polly turns on a light above Shipwreck’s head and the Joe falls off the couch. An ambulance arrives and Doc climbs out with two men, who place Shipwreck on a stretcher and drive him to a car wash which is next door to the hospital. He is carried through two swinging doors marked “Operation Theatre.” Shipwreck is dumped onto an operating table and Cobra Commander asks what Dr. Mullaney told him. But because the formula is locked in Shipwreck’s subconscious, he is unable to say anything. So Cobra Commander shoots him.

Shipwreck awakens and screams. Mara rushes to him and asks if he had a nightmare. Althea stand at the doorway and tells her father that dinner is ready. “So early?” he asks, then turns to look out the window and sees a full moon in the night sky. Mara tells her husband that he had a very long nap. As they walk to dinner, Polly tells Shipwreck out of earshot, “Lights out.” Polly then pulls on the lamp's chain and turns out the light.

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