Did all of your cash just do the big flash?
  -- Roadblock (after witnessing the disintegration of the money at a poker game)
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"Very iffy."
- Xamot (examining Shipwreck's health after a intense interrogation session)

The blob carries Shipwreck down a slide, floats down a sewer stream and delivers Shipwreck on his front yard. Shipwreck awakens, grabs his head and begins to scream loudly. Mara and Althea, Shipwreck’s daughter, rush out of the home and are horrified when Shipwreck tells them to put him back in the hospital. While Althea cries next to her mother, Mara calls Doc and tells Polly, who aggravated Shipwreck with his “funny farm” comments, flies away and reports to Doc as well. Doc tells Polly to go make his report. Flying to the carwash and into Cobra Commander’s office, Polly shouts “Cobra” and tells Cobra Commander that Shipwreck’s mental state is deteriorating, then taps a button with his beak.

On a screen, they watch Doc lead Mara out of the hospital room and tell her to go home and rest, and that he will call her once they run more tests. Cobra Commander congratulates Polly, known as P9. Doc leads two men to an interrogation room and orders them to place Shipwreck on table, however, before he can start the procedure, the Crimson Guard Commanders tell him, “Don’t touch that dial.” They explain that Crimson Guard cadet Demming will perform the interrogation and consider the experience valuable to her training.

Turning on a machine that produces large and bright shapes in the air, cadet Demming walks Shipwreck through his past. Growing up in the shadow of a San Diego Navy shipyards, Shipwreck wanted nothing more than become a sailor and even lied that he was seventeen so he could join at the age of sixteen. Traveling from Southeast Asia to the Florida Keys, Shipwreck saw the world as he fought river pirates and smugglers. And he met the Joes in a desert and joined them, and while serving on the Joe team, he traveled to an island in the South Pacific and met Dr. Mullaney.

Cadet Demming asks what Dr. Mullaney told Shipwreck, however, the Joe explains that he doesn’t know. The Crimson Guard Commanders order cadet Demming to turn the interrogation machine up to full power and Doc shouts that they shouldn’t make the adjustment since both Shipwreck and Demming’s brains could be damaged. The twins turn to one another, agree Doc is defective and melt him before ordering two Cobra agents to scoop up his melted remains and taking him away to be reconstituted. Demming then turns the machine up to full power as per the orders of the Crimson Guard Commanders.

As ghostly images of Cobra Commander, the Baroness, Destro and Polly float in the air, Demming leaps onto the table and demands the information from Shipwreck who yells that he can’t reveal anything without a code word and that he doesn’t know the word. The holographic-interrogation machine shows the USS Flagg splitting and blowing up, and Shipwreck screams that only Lady Jaye knows the password and she is dead.

Demming yells that Shipwreck is a liar and then falls to floor unconscious as the machine reaches critical. The Twin walk into the room and while Tomax checks on Demming, Xamot tells his brother that Shipwreck’s condition is “iffy.”

Cobra Commander appears on a screen and reports that the Twins are fools for not considering that Mullaney created a password. They explain to Cobra Commander that they have a plan and suggest that he redouble his efforts to find Mullaney. Pounding the control panel, Cobra Commander tells the Twins that he did not ask for their advice and he then radios the Baroness who reports that they have not found Mullaney by air in Rattlers or by land in Stingers, and before she can make her own suggestion, Cobra Commander again pounds the control panel and yells for her to be silent. He points at Polly and tells him to keep and eye on the sailor.

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