What’s the matter? Surprised I went to college?
  -- Sgt. Slaughter (to Lifeline, who did not know Sgt. Slaughter is fluent ancient Greek)
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"Well, you know us. Anything for a laugh."
- Dial-Tone (after Destro explains that a chant could help the Joes win)

But the creature quickly rises out of the sea, crushes many of the Stuns and flings others toward the Strato-Vipers flying Night Ravens.

“Aw, nerts!” exclaims Dial-Tone as he learns that Cobra is deliberately jamming his transmissions. Flint walks over to him and hands him a box. “What’s this?” Dial-Tone asks. “Your uniform,” explains General Hawk, who thanks him and welcomes him back to the Joe team. With wide open eyes and a huge grin on his face, Dial-Tone happily shouts, “Yo Joe!”

The creature continues its trek of destruction and slithers past scores of Cobra troops, Trubble Bubbles and Firebats. Serpentor asks how the battle fares and Dr. Mindbender replies between blasts from the Terrordrome’s guns, “For all the good our lasers are doing, we might as well be spitting at it.” And even as the creature repeatedly yells Serpentor’s name, the Cobra Emperor still asks Dr. Mindbender what the creatures wants.

After listening to Dr. Mindbender explain semi-sarcastically that it wants him, Serpentor enters the Terrordrome, closes the roof and orders the outer wall to become electrified in order to repel the creature. However, the creature remains unstoppable and crashes through the Terrordrome, destroying Firebats with its massive arms.

Serpentor glides his air chariot into the air, challenges the creature and leads the monstrous menace away from the Terrordrome. The Joes arrive at Cobra Island and General Hawk realizes that Cobra was no more effective than gnats.

Dial-Tone then interrupts Hawk in order to inform him that Destro, who is flying to the island, is on the radio and wishes to speak to him. Destro explains that there is no physical way to force the creature back into the pit over the radio. As soon as they meet on Cobra island, the arms dealer explains to General Hawk that his ancestors used a chant that might lure the creature off the island and into a deep sea trench. “Well, you know us. Anything for a laugh,” quips Dial-Tone. After Dial-Tone pulls out a tape recorder, Destro utters his chant.

Serpentor leads the creature to a cliff and shouts to it, “Here! Here I am! Face me if you dare!” But the Joes fly over the creature with the chant playing on a large speaker and lead the creature away from Serpentor, who quickly concludes that the Joes are behind the attack.

On a nearby hill, Cobra Commander throws a pair of binoculars to the ground in disgust over the creature’s stupidity, who is led by the Joes toward the sea.

As the creature dives into the sea to chase the speaker broadcasting the chant, Serpentor orders a group of Vipers to man their Trubble Bubbles and attack the Joes, who drop explosives into the area of the sea where the creature sits.

After Dial-Tone confirms that the creature is buried under tons of rock, the Joes are forced to leave due to the lack of fuel and ammunition.

Inside the ruined Terrordrome, while Serpentor is praised by the troops for leading them into victory against the Joes, Destro asks Cobra Commander, “Odd, isn’t it, how the Joes manage to gain control of the creature?” Distracted for a moment, Cobra Commander replies with a semi-confused voice, “What? Yes. Very odd. Very odd, indeed.”

On the Joes’ base, Dial-Tone explains to Flint and General Hawk that he recently intercepted some Cobra messages that stated G.I.Joe lost the battle. “Sure hurts when the rest of the world thinks you are loser,” Flint states solemnly. “Now we know how Dial-Tone felt,” General Hawk replies, “but at least we thwarted Cobra Commander and trapped the creature again.”

However, at the bottom of the sea near Cobra Island, air bubbles rise from the rubble on top of the creature.

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