Hungry little devils, aren't they?
  -- Dusty (to a Cobra agent, who is pinned down in a pool filled with piranhas)
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"Hungry little devils, aren't they?"
- Dusty (to a Cobra agent, who is pinned down in a pool filled with piranhas)

On an episode of television series Twenty Questions, Hector Ramirez asks the viewer what caused "Dusty" Rudat, an outstanding solider on the G.I.Joe team, to become a traitor and caused Conrad "Duke" Hauser to fall into a coma after the destruction of an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Ramirez suspects that the large number of medical bills for Dusty's mother may have compelled Dusty to betray the Joes and his country. Then, Ramirez asks the most important question - what has Dusty told Cobra since his escape from the Joes?

A helicopter flies over a mountainous region and lands inside a temple with Cobra decor. Dusty is led out of the helicopter, has his blindfold removed by a Cobra agent and is greeted by Cobra Commander, who places a hand on Dusty shoulder and offers him a position in Cobra in exchange for information on the Joes' new armor treatment. "Dusty" Rudat, who emphasizes that he wishes to be called simply "Dusty," walks beside Cobra Commander and explains that since he has nowhere else to go, he will join Cobra.

Tapping a few buttons on a keyboard, Lady Jaye changes a code and tells Shipwreck, who places a stack of records next to her, that she now only has 6,437 left. Pounding a fist into his hand, Shipwreck promises to break Dusty's neck, however, Lady Jaye reminds Shipwreck that he shouldn't judge someone until he walks in that person's shoes. And the reply makes Shipwreck not only angry but extremely annoyed.

Dusty is told by Cobra Commander that the armor treatment is being added to their vehicles, and because he provided the formula, Cobra Commander offers him the command of the work detail. But the current leader objects and demands a trial by combat with Dusty in the arena to decide who will lead the detail. Cobra Commander welcomes the entertainment since the fight will demonstrate Dusty's ruthlessness.

Holding a "rocket nunchucker," Dusty is told the rules of the game while in the arena - the one who lives, wins. To make the game more interesting, Cobra Commander opens gates in the pit so that water and piranhas fill the arena. The Cobra officer whips the chain around Dusty's feet and causes him to collapse back-first into the water, but Dusty climbs back to his feet after knocking three piranhas off his arm and tackles his opponent to the ground. As the piranhas munch on the meat and flesh of the Cobra officer's back, Dusty tells him, "Hungry little devils, aren't they?" The officer brings a foot up and kicks Dusty off his chest.

Dusty grabs his weapon, knocks off the piranhas and dodges his enemy's swinging chain. Dusty then whips his rocket nunchucker around his opponent’s feet, tugs and the officer falls into the water. Dusty climbs out of the piranha tank and when he hears the officer's cry for help, he swings his chain out to the officer and pulls him out. Cobra Commander asks Dusty why he saved his opponent and wonders if the Joe still has vestige of decency in him. But Dusty replies, "We can always use extra help in K.P." Cobra Commander laughs and claps Dusty's shoulder and tells him that he is Cobra Commander's kind of trooper and places him charge of stealing the chemicals from the Leary Chemicals plant.

Shipwreck complains to Flint that their current operation is not too sane. After all, the Joes are all over the world trying to protect potential targets, however, Flint tells Shipwreck to cease his complaining. Shipwreck apologizes and explains he didn't mean anything by his rant. Meanwhile, with a gun behind a tug boat pilot's head, Dusty tells the pilot to drive slowly and that he shouldn't try to be a hero. While the tugboat drags a barge of garbage, a small fleet of Cobra Water Moccasins drive behind one side of the barge and cut the barge's cable after Dusty believes they have passed by the Joes' potential hiding spot near the plant.

Cobra blocks three WHALE hovercrafts, which are driven by Flint, Shipwreck and a generic Joe, and steals several red drums. Dusty decides that rather killing the employees of the plant, his men should save their ammo for the Joes. The Cobra agents board their Water Moccasins and drive away into a three-way fork in the bayou.

After pushing the barge out of their way, the three WHALEs split up and follow Cobra, but nets catch the Joes and prevent them from pursuing. Flint fires rockets at the Water Moccasins, however, the armor treatment prevents Cobra's vehicles from being damaged. And Flint comments that Cobra may now be invincible.

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