I wouldn’t say that dirty word if I were you, Dr. Mindbender. I’d have to wash your mouth out with soap.
  -- Agent Matthew Burke (interrupting Dr. Mindbender before he said "Cobra")
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"It was a fool’s errand I sent him on. He couldn’t possibly succeed."
- Serpentor (to General Hawk, who reported that Cobra Commander has unleashed a massive creature)

Chipper Doogan reminds Dial-Tone that they are running out of daylight, but the ex-Joe simply tells her to take cover since he is ready to start the project again. “Why have you disturbed my sleep? For ten times ten thousand years, I have slept, awakened only by your sacrifices.” The ground begins to shake and the Tele-Vipers dressed as civilians run away while Dial-Tone attempts to turn off the machine.

While Zarana rushes forward and wrestles Dial-Tone to the ground, General Hawk confides to Lift-Ticket that if anything should befall Dial-Tone, he would never forgive himself. Dial-Tone knocks Zarana’s mask off and she is so enraged that she slugs the shocked Joe with a left cut. She races to the machine, but Dial-Tone trips her and again tries to turn off the machine.

However, a hand lands on his shoulder and a raspy voice states, “Thank you, Dial-Tone. I’ll take it from here.” After Dial-Tone turns around, a Tele-Viper smashes the butt of his gun into the Joe’s stomach, and Cobra Commander then pushes him aside, grabs a microphone and bargains with the creature: “I seek a boon, oh ancient and mighty one. I offer a pact for all eternity. Destroy a man for me, a single man, and I promise sacrifices for you undreamt of in all your centuries of sleep.”

The creature agrees and asks who is the man Cobra Commander fears the most. Cobra Commander calmly, almost quietly, replies, “The one known as Serpentor.”

The ground cracks, everyone flees and the creature bursts through the land.

“Good Lord! What is that thing?” asks General Hawk as he arrives in a Tomahawk helicopter. On his orders, the Joes fire missiles at the creature’s throat, but the wounds vanish almost immediately.

Dial-Tone climbs over the wreckage, hears a muffled voice inside a truck and opens its doors. Recognizing Flint, he removes the tape on his friend’s mouth, learns that Flint was sent to watch him and then leaves the truck before it is crushed by the creature.

After General Hawk spots Flint and Dial-Tone, he orders Lift-Ticket to land near the ground. The other Tomahawks fire more missiles at the creature, however, it destroys one of the helicopters and slithers into the sea.

“Well, that tears it!” shouts General Hawk, and who then asks if Dial-Tone can hack into Cobra’s secured communication frequency and warn Serpentor about the creature. Dial-Tone assures Hawk that he can do the job, but Lift-Ticket wonders why they shouldn’t let the creature do the Joes’ work. General Hawk grimly replies: “It’s not Serpentor I’m worried about. That creature is a menace of such tremendous proportions we’ll need all the help we can get to destroy it - even Cobra’s!”

Inside a Terrordrome on Cobra Island, Serpentor learns from Destro that the “Nile Project” is working at 85 percent efficiency, however, the report is interrupted by General Hawk. Serpentor turns to his Tele-Vipers and asks with a voice seething in anger, “Who is responsible for keeping this being kept a secret channel?”

General Hawk informs Serpentor that Cobra Commander was successful with his project and warns that a 50 story creature is heading straight for him. ”Cobra Commander?” Serpentor asks with a laugh, “It was a fool’s errand I sent him on. He couldn’t possibly succeed.”

But the creature appears on the monitor and Serpentor is shocked to see that Cobra Commander actually accomplished something. The Cobra Emperor turns to his troops and orders them into battle.

On a beach, Scrap Iron and several Motor-Vipers attack the creature with Stuns while AVACs launch their aerial assault with Firebats, causing the creature to dive back into the sea, and all of the Cobra agents cheer.

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