Shipwreck's a crook! Shipwreck's a crook!
  -- Polly (after Flint asks Shipwreck how he knows so much about an old smuggler's hideout)
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"You gotta be tougher than that. I’m not a wimp anymore! I’m a G.I.Joe - and nothing stops a G.I.Joe! NOTHING!!"
- Low-Light (while fighting the creatures in his nightmare)

Inside the junkyard, ruined cars with sharp metal teeth come to life and pursue Low-Light, but he aims his gun at the cars, which mutate into cobras, and yells while firing: “You gotta be tougher than that. I’m not a wimp anymore! I’m a G.I.Joe - and nothing stops a G.I.Joe! NOTHING!!”

After Dr. Mindbender explains to Serpentor that Low-Light is resisting the Sombulator, Cobras Emperor orders more power to the machine. The snakes are brought back to life and move toward Low-Light, but the Joe continues to shoot them down even though he trips on a pipe on the ground.

Low-Light climbs a stack of ruin cars and is pursued by the flame-breathing serpents. But the Joe stands his ground, returns his own shots and causes more the snakes to melt. And on top of a mountain of wrecked cars, Low-Light raises his gun into the air and shouts, “What do you think of your cowardly son now, Dad?”

Inside a mess hall, the Joes mumble about their nightmares and Low-Light enters the room in good cheer. “Who appointed you Miss Little Sunshine,” grumbles Dial-Tone while nursing a cup of coffee in his hands. Low-Light explains that he had a nightmare with snakes, fought them and won.

As the other Joes report that they have experienced nightmares about giant cobras as well, General Hawk realizes that there is no way they could have all shared the same nightmare unless Cobra was behind them. Because Low-Light is accustomed to having nightmares, General Hawk adds, he was able to defeat Cobra.

Mainframe tells Lifeline that this attack seems like the medic's area of expertise and the Joe explains that he is willing to help any way that he can. As General Hawk walks over to a table, the Joes gravitate near him as he shares a plan.

“Have you corrected you ‘set back,’ Dr. Mindbender?” asks Serpentor. Sweat trickles down the side of Dr. Mindbenders face as he explains all will be ready in a few days, but the Cobra Emperor wants results that night. Dr. Mindbender suggests that he could enter the nightmare himself, but the plan could undo the progress they have made so far. With impatience in his voice, Serpentor orders Dr. Mindbender to enter the Joes’ dreams. Lying on a bed in his lab, Dr. Mindbender tells himself that the process is going to be dangerous, but concludes that the Joes must be destroyed.

Lifeline explains that he will monitor Low-Light’s EKG, and when the Joes begin to dream, Mainframe adds, Low-Light’s dreams will be routed to the other Joes so that he can fight Cobra. Mainframe asks Low-Light if he is ready. “I’d better be,” he replies slipping on a set of headphones. “We won’t have a second chance.”

At 3:30 am, the Joes are attacked and they find themselves in a snow-covered junkyard. After Alpine yells that Low-Light is nowhere in sight, the ice bridge supporting Iceberg breaks. The Joe grabs a portion of the bridge and Alpine rushes to help, however, the bridge becomes too slick to walk on and Alpine falls off.

Dial-Tone loses his voice, Mainframe turns into a robot and as General Hawk is paralyzed by the sight of his teammates dying due to his commands, Lady Jaye is carried into the sky. Before she can grab Iceberg’s hand, he falls.

However, General Hawk runs and tells himself that he knows what he is doing and that the Joes trust him. He catches Iceberg and the Joes, who are on the ground and back to normal, gather around him. Giant cobras crash through the icy ground under their feet and shoot fire from their mouths. But while the Joes are holding hands in a circle, General Hawk tells them that the fire is not real.

A column of fire rises into the air and Dr. Mindbender’s face appears in the flames. After insulting the Joes, he shoots fire from his mouth as well, but the Joes survive due, in part, to General Hawk’s encouragement. “Whatever you fools do, I’ll still destroy you,” yells Dr. Mindbender.

Racing across the ice, Low-Light yells that he will show Dr. Mindbender the stuff nightmares are made of. Cars shaped like rats attack the snakes and Cobra’s mad scientist orders the cobras to attack Low-Light, not the rats.

But Low-Light suddenly increases in size and yells that he is in control. “Welcome to my nightmare!” the Joe screams while picking up a giant piece of ice and heaving it towards Dr. Mindbender, who wakes up screaming.

Cobra’s mad scientist runs into the nightmare machine’s control room and yells, “I must destroy this evil machine!” Then fires a shot at the machine, which causing the device to self-destruct.

The sun rises over Joe headquarters and the Joes inside the base wake up refreshed. Lady Jaye asks if the nightmares are over and General Hawk explains that they have ended thanks to Low-Light, who also defeated his own nightmares.

General Hawk walks over to Low-Light’s bed, but Lifeline requests, “Don’t wake him up. It’s the first decent sleep he’s had in years.” And while he sleeps, a small smile appears on Low-Light’s face.

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