Come on! Move your feet - not your mouth!
  -- Beach Head (to the other Joes while invading a fort)
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"Great shooting, General Hawk. That oughta win you a cupie doll."
- Sci Fi (after General Hawk destroys a giant snake)

As Lifeline struggles to walk through a blizzard, however, he is pushed back by the freezing wind and suddenly falls through the icy ground. The Joe quickly pulls himself out of the water and continues to walk until he finds Iceberg, who is laying on his back in the snow. He tells the Joes’ medic in a half-frozen voice that Cobra attacked him and that Lifeline should save himself since he is dying. But Lifeline tells his teammate in a reassuring voice, “Everything will be okay. You’re in my hands now, pal.”

However, a ten-story high Cobra appears out of the snow. As Cobra Flight Pods fly out of its mouth and shoot at the Joes, Iceberg pleads for his friend to shoot at the Cobras, however, Lifeline refuses to touch a weapon and raises his hand to signal a surrender.

After Iceberg again urges the pacifist to shoot back, the Cobra Flight Pods shoot the ice and Iceberg falls into the cold sea. And instead of reaching for Lifeline’s hand with his own, Iceberg hands a weapon to his teammate and then slips into the depths of the sea. Lifeline looks at the gun with horror and he then struggles to raise the gun.

Looking away from the Cobra and closing his eyes, he fires the gun, but the gun mutates into a snake, which joins with several others from the sea to attack Lifeline.

In his room at Joe headquarters, Lifeline awakens with a scream and sits up in his bed sitting in darkened room. Climbing out of bed, Lifeline wanders into a recreation room and turns off a TV with images of monsters. “I was watching that,” states Low-Light. Lifeline is startled by the Joe’s voice and turns to see him sitting in the dark.

Lifeline confesses that he had a nightmare and since he read Low-Light’s medical file, which states he has nightmares every night, Lifeline asks how he survives each frightful night. “You make do. You have no choice,” he replies grimly.

Outside a Cobra Terrordrome, two Stuns and Motor-Vipers race away while Dr. Mindbender walks with Serpentor inside a lab. As Dr. Mindbender and Serpentor walk by, images of Leatherneck, Dial-Tone, Wet-Suit and Iceberg appear and disappear on a set of monitors. After the mad scientist reports that their plan is working, Serpentor notes that their latest plan is not one of Cobra Commander’s “pathetic little schemes” and adds that there is no margin for error. Dr. Mindbender assures Serpentor that the Sombulatory Psychic Wave will trigger nightmares to drive the Joes mad.

“Not mad, Dr. Mindbender,” Serpentor replies. “At least, not yet. I need the Joes to work for me.”

In the arctic, General Hawk leads several Conquest X-30 plans in a raid against a Cobra stronghold. After the Joes' leader, Sci Fi and Lady Jaye fire their missiles at the base, Dial-Tone jokes over the radio, “Hey, leave some of those overgrown iguanas for me.” However, when the base is destroyed, a giant cobra emerges from the ruins and shoots fire from its mouth.

“Evasive maneuvers!” yells General Hawk, but all of his teammates' planes are destroyed by the cobra's fire. General Hawk cries in agony since he led the Joes to their deaths.

His plane is then hit by the cobra and Hawk ejects, however, he floats down into the cobra’s hunger mouth - screaming - and he wakes up in his room, covered in a cold sweat.

“Morning, Low-Light. How’s it going?” asks Lady Jaye as she walks down a hallway at Joe headquarters. “You don’t want to know,” Low-Light tells her in a dismal voice.

Lady Jaye walks into General Hawk’s office and explains that her morning report is ready. But when Lady Jaye notices that General Hawk doesn’t bring his head up, she asks if everything is okay. He explains that he had a nightmare and feels a bit like egg stew. Lady Jaye sits on the side of his desk and explains that she had a nightmare as well, one in which she was singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl and “wasn’t exactly in dress uniform.”

While Lady Jaye is blushing, an alarm sounds and Beach Head announces that Dreadnoks are raiding the Chandler oil rig. General Hawk and Lady Jaye sprint down a corridor with Leatherneck, Dial-Tone and Sci Fi following behind them. Tomahawk helicopters fly away from Joe headquarters and travel across an ocean while General Hawk explains that their mission will be executed by the book. “No special heroics,” he adds. The Joes radio their support and continue their flight.

Buzzer, Ripper and Torch tell their hostages that if their orders are followed, they will live long enough to drill another oil well. But Dreadnoks are interrupted by the arrival of the Joes. However, Buzzer calmly pulls out a remote control and explains that they baked more than just a cake for the Joes, who open fire at the Dreadnoks.

But a giant cobra appears from the oil rig and General Hawk yells, “No! No! My nightmare - it’s coming true!”

General Hawk’s Tomahawk suddenly flies erratically and Lady Jaye radios him, but he doesn’t answer. Inside his helicopter, Hawk quickly pulls himself together and then orders the Joes to back off from the snake since it is his target. He swings around, destroys the cobra and the Joes congratulate their leader. “Great shooting, General Hawk. That oughta win you a cupie doll,” jokes Sci Fi. But General Hawk reminds the Joes that they still need to rescue the oil rig workers and capture the Dreadnoks.

On the oil rig, Monkeywrench sets a bomb and then slides with Torch down some ropes to a Cobra sub and tells Zartan to set sail. The submarine dives underwater and the Joes land.

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