Emmie, I told you never to make that surprise stew again!
  -- a farmer (to his wife while running away from a giant germ)
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"What?! Just because we’re outnumbered twenty to one?"
- Gung Ho (after Dusty mentions that they could be in trouble)

In the midst of their sandstorm, Duke, Barbecue, Gung Ho, Snake Eyes and Dusty stop near an oasis and Dusty asks a man standing beside his camel if he has seen two men riding vehicles similar to the Joes. The man points them in the right direction and Dusty tells the Joes, who failed to get a answer from the man, that Dusty and the desert dweller speak the same language since they both love the desert.

The Joes catch up with Tomax and Xamot, who are riding Cobra Ferrets, however, the Joes are joined by five people in a jeep, and Duke tells Dusty that the Joes don’t have company but competition: the Oktober Guard, the Russian version of the G.I.Joe team. The Joes are forced to retreat on their Silver Mirage motorcycles when a dune rotates and reveals itself as a Cobra base. Gung Ho doesn’t care about being outgunned and suggests enthusiastically that they attack, but Duke tells him that there is a difference between bravery and stupidity.

As the Joes race away, Duke’s motorcycle is shot and after recovering from the he uses part of a hill as cover. Snake Eyes jumps off his bike and runs to help his friend, and soon all of the Joes are fighting the approaching Cobra forces. Dusty tells the Joes that they might be in trouble. “What?! Just because we’re outnumbered twenty to one?” Gung Ho asks sarcastically. As the Oktober Guard approaches the Joes, they shoot over the Joes and attack Cobra, an act that surprise Gung Ho since it appears that Russians are helping the Joes. But Duke explains that the Oktober Guard are helping themselves to the battle with Cobra.

The hostilities cease when a giant UFO appears in the sky. Cobra, G.I.Joe and the members of Oktober Guard look up into the sky, watch the space ship destroy the Cobra dune base, land and kidnap the Crimson Guard Commanders using anti-gravity beams. An alien walks out of the ship and explains that after he examines the two specimens he will determine the fate of Earth. Dusty rushes forward and asks about the alien’s origins and Dusty is told that the alien’s planet circles the star Sirius.

Through the thick clouds of dust, Dusty watches as the space ship takes off and Barbecue tells his teammates that he would hate to be in Tomax and Xamot’s shoes at the moment. The largest soldier in the Oktober Guard states that Gung Ho is ugly, and immediately Gung Ho punches the large man to the ground. Duke yells for Gung Ho to stand at attention and before the Russian soldier can hit the saluting Gung Ho, his commander, Col. Brekhov grabs his arm and yells for Horrorshow to stand at attention. Col. Brekhov and Duke greet one another as professional soldiers.

Since neither team received orders about a confrontation with the other, both Duke and Col. Brekhov decide to go their separate ways. Col. Sharpe tells the Joes that the two space ships have attacked a Russian oil refinery, an American airfield, an American tanker, a Russian observatory and part of the Alaskan Pipeline is destroyed. As the ambassadors for the US and USSR yell at one another at the United Nations, which is broadcasted on television, Dusty comments that the two ambassadors sound like Gung Ho and Horrorshow. Col. Sharpe explains that the President has ordered the Joes to drop everything and find to the flying saucers. Duke then suggests that the Joes borrow a submarine and pay a visit to the Oktober Guard’s headquarters in Siberia in order to swap intelligence.

Cutter guides the Joes to the base and Gung Ho, who believes Duke is slightly unbalanced, asks his commanding officer if he would like to buy some ocean front property in Missouri. The submarine cracks through the icy land and Gung Ho wonders how they are going to get inside the base since its defenses include anti-aircraft missiles, radar and is surrounded by a tall ring of ice. “Ever been to the circus, Gung Ho?” Duke asks. ”Ever see a human cannonball?”

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