He lost it!
  -- two Strato-Vipers (to Cobra Commander while pointing fingers at one another)
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"I don’t need any help to clean Dr. Mindbender’s clock."
- Sgt. Slaughter (after Sci Fi notes that they are unable to call the Joes for reinforcements)

Zarana radios Thrasher for help and the Thundermachine crashes through a wall and barrels toward Sgt. Slaughter.

Sci Fi punches a button near a display and a robot falls onto the Thundermachine, effectively stopping Thrasher’s killer drive toward Sgt. Slaughter. Sci Fi then climbs onto a bike and races toward the Buzzer and Monkeywrench, and knocks them to the ground after driving between them. As one fan praises the actors, another tells her that last year’s show was much more realistic.

Sci Fi crashes to the ground, tosses a gun toward Sgt. Slaughter and the two Joes defend themselves from a barrage of shots fired by the Dreadnoks. Monkeywrench suggests they retreat, but Dr. Mindbender hasn’t sealed the deal with Dr. Penser. Hovering over his wheelchair, Dr. Mindbender tells him, “It’s now or never. Do you want to walk or not?” Closing his eyes and dropping his head for a moment, Dr. Jeremy Penser looks up at Dr. Mindbender replies with a grave voice, “Count me in.”

Thrasher activates an electrical field that repulses the robot on his Thundermachine and Cobra begins to retreat. After the Dreadnoks lash Dr. Penser to the Thundermachine, Timothy punches Buzzer in the jaw and attempts to free him, however, his brother tells him to leave. Buzzer then grabs Timothy and tosses him off the Thundermachine, which speeds away.

However, Sgt. Slaughter is able to attach a homing beacon on the Thundermachine. The Joes and Timothy then sprint to a HAVOC and try to pursue the Dreadnoks and Dr. Mindbender, but the local police arrive and order the Joes to climb down after the Joes deny Timothy the opportunity to help his brother.

Timothy, who is not seen by the police, activates the HAVOC’s engines and drives away. The Joes race after the runaway HAVOC and Sgt. Slaughter orders the driver to stop. Surprised to see Timothy, Sgt. Slaughter is advised by Sci Fi that they should take Timothy along since the he may be able to reason with his brother.

As soon as the Thundermachine arrives at a mansion located near a deserted town in a desert, Dr. Mindbender explains that the operation to restore Dr. Penser’s legs will begin after the Voltronic Galaxitor is built.

As Cobra’s mad scientist and Dr. Penser stand near the control panel of the Voltronic Galaxitor, Dr. Mindbender asks what the brilliant physicist thinks of Cobra’s latest weapon. With a tone of superiority in his voice, Dr. Penser notes that the modulation is set to always cause the machine to self-destruct and asks what moron designed the weapon. Dr. Mindbender, who is barely able to control is anger, asks if Dr. Penser can fix the machine. “Can I fix it? My brother could fix it!”

Sgt. Slaughter, Sci Fi and Jeremy find Dr. Mindbender’s secret weapons lab, however, they are unable to call for help due to a dampening field around complex. “I don’t need any help to clean Dr. Mindbender’s clock,” says Sgt. Slaughter before they sneak past a BAT and into the base.

The Joes and Timothy confront Dr. Penser, however, they are not able to convince him to leave Cobra since G.I.Joe cannot promise him to walk again. Sgt. Slaughter admonishes Dr. Penser for selling out millions of lives so he can walk again and then tries to force him to leave.

But Dr. Penser raises the platform higher and activates the alarm. After Sgt. Slaughter punches and headbutts his way past Buzzer, Torch, Thrasher and Monkeywrench, he whips Dr. Mindbender’s gun out his hand with his belt, punches him in the face. And the Joes continue their retreat.

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