Shipwreck's a crook! Shipwreck's a crook!
  -- Polly (after Flint asks Shipwreck how he knows so much about an old smuggler's hideout)
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"How badly do you want to know?"
- Destro (to Mutt, who wonders why the world has turned against the Joes)

Rock ‘n’ Roll zooms toward Mutt, yells for him not to move and blows a hole in the chain linked fence. Mutt shakes hands with his friend and both Mutt and Junkyard run from the base and into a river.

General Franks orders the military police to bring back Mutt “alive or otherwise.” Scarlett begins to protest but she is cut short as General Franks threatens for her to be silent or she will also be guilty of insubordination and tossed into the guard house with Quick Kick.

Mutt asks Junkyard how in the world Cobra has turned their own army against the Joes. “How badly do you want to know?” asks Destro. Mutt turns around and rejects Destro’s offer of information based on trust and attempts to attack Destro, however, a gas gun attached to the Cobra weapons dealer’s wrist shoots a gas that knocks Mutt and Junkyard unconscious.

At Cobra’s base, Cobra Commander explains to Duke that the Joes’ leader simply doesn’t understand the full scope of his plan. Suddenly, Zartan angrily injects that he invented the synthoids and helped scheme the Joes’ demise. Cobra Commander recounts the creation of the Pentagon top brass and Duke’s capture and replacement. Duke rushes toward Cobra Commander and tries to attack Cobra's leader, but is knocked out by a Crimson Guard, who helps carry Duke out of the room with another of Cobra’s elite soldiers. Duke regains consciousness, punches the two guards and runs out of the base and into the swamp while pursued by two Cobra agents who are inside a Cobra Water Moccasin.

Scarlett is ordered to type up reports and bring General Franks more coffee, however, she dumps her cup in a waste basket, throws down the reports on her desk and contacts Duke. She suggests that they spread the word about getting the Joes back together and tells him that they should meet at an old bunker on the base. Duke signs off and then reports to General Franks that he has been invited to a clandestine meeting with the other Joes. General Franks sends a broadcast to Cobra Commander and is ordered to learn of the mutinous plans. Meanwhile, Breaker prints out a map of the transmission’s source and destination.

After Junkyard licks Mutt's cheek a few times, the Joe awakens and finds himself near a Cobra base. Meanwhile, the Joes hold a meeting in an underground bunker and are told by Scarlett that the Joes who could not make it to the meeting stand by the decision made by those who could attend. They decide to investigate the destination of the signal sent from the Pentagon and begin to make plans to acquire Skystrikers, fuel and help Quick Kick break out of jail.

The synthoid of Duke sneaks out and radios General Franks to set his trap at the Joes’ headquarters. Scarlett walks around the room and explains to everyone that the decision to become outlaws has been made, and Wild Bill is so thrilled that whoops with delight and the Joes rush out of the bunker to set their plans in motion.

Dressed in a trenchcoat, Cover Girl runs toward two military police officers at a base and falls into the arms of one of the M.P.s while Stalker and Recondo knock them out from behind. The Joes enter the base, break into the armory, destroy the communications room, and hot wire fuel tankers before driving them out of the base. Meanwhile, Rock 'n' Roll breaks Quick Kick out of jail and hands the once imprisoned Joe his weapons.

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