Terrific! Pass this along!
  -- Alpine (before punching Xamot, who explains that he feels everything that his brother experiences)
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"Unbelievable! And I thought you were weird!"
- Sgt. Slaughter (to Sci Fi after walking into a science fiction convention)

After two Trubble Bubbles emerge from a Terrordrome and pass over their heads, Low-Light turns to Dial-Tone and suggests that they cover their Devilfish crafts. Inside Cobra’s base, Dr. Mindbender appears on a monitor and reports to Serpentor that the problems with Cobra’s Voltronic Galaxitor’s Polarity Traveler Malexor may have been solved. However, Serpentor angrily reminds Dr. Mindbender that when Cobra’s Emperor “demands results, he gets results.”

The Voltronic Galaxitor is aimed at a block of molybdenum-armored steel and Dr. Mindbender explains to Serpentor that when the target is hit, the structure’s polarity will be reversed, turning it into an anti-matter bomb. After Serpentor angrily replies that he read the project’s technical reports, the gun is fired, but it self-destructs. While breaking his staff, Dr. Mindbender is quickly reminded by Serpentor that this is the Cobra scientist's third failure.

Outside the Terrordrome, Dial-Tone hacks into Cobra’s communication system and records the conversation between Serpentor and Dr. Mindbender, who explains that the weapon can be fixed if Cobra makes an empty promise to Dr. Jeremy Penser, a brilliant quantum physicist, to help him walk again.

Low-Light believes he heard a noise in the dark, so elects to check the perimeter while Dial-Tone continues to listen and learn that Dr. Penser will attend the World Science Fiction Convention. A female Cobra agent patrolling the area finds Dial-Tone and rushes toward him. Low-Light grabs her from behind, but she flips him over and draws a gun. As she takes aim at Low-Light, the Joe trips her with his legs. She falls forward and again aims her gun at the Joe, but Dial-Tone pulls her arm upward and the flare gun fires a shot into the sky.

After tying up the female agent, Dial-Tone asks, “Aww, what did you do that for?” The Joes quickly shoot down two Trubble Bubbles and then retreat from the approaching pack of Stuns. Trapped between the edge of a cliff next to the sea and the approaching Cobra Stuns, the Joes leap into the water and yell “Yo Joe!”

A G.I.Joe Devilfish races away from Cobra Island and the Stuns destroy the craft. After they cheer over their victory, the Motor Vipers drive away. Dial-Tone and Low-Light watch the remote control decoy Devilfish explode while near the unnoticed second Devilfish and then speed away to G.I.Joe headquarters.

Sgt. Slaughter drives his Triple-T tank to the Joes’ base and enters General Hawk’s office. After explaining to General Hawk that he is quite eager to get ahold of Dr. Mindbender, Sgt. Slaughter is told that Cobra will approach Dr. Jeremy Penser at the World Science Fiction Convention. Hawk then adds that showing up in force at the convention would be a mistake. Fortunately, Sgt. Slaughter is able to recruit the Joes’ own science fiction expert, Sci Fi.

While relaxing on his bed and watch an episode of The Transformers, Sci Fi is told by Sgt. Slaughter that they are attending the World Science Fiction Convention. “Uh-oh,” replies Sci Fi. “Something tells me this is going to be a might strenuous.”

Sgt. Slaughter informs Sci Fi that they will be noticed thanks to Sci Fi’s bright green uniform, however, the Joe explains that they have nothing to worry about. And as they enter the convention and notice that nearly everyone is wearing a costume, Sgt. Slaughter exclaims, “Unbelievable! And I thought you were weird!”

While the Joes search for Dr. Penser, the brilliant scientist listens to a fan praise his intellect and then turns to scoff his younger brother, Timothy, for knocking over a rocket display. While holding a stack of comics and dropping a few of them onto the floor, Timothy tells his brother that he found some great comics at the convention. Dr. Penser labels the comics drivel and then orders his younger brother to keep the crowds at arm’s length.

Elsewhere in the convention, Zarana, who was the fan praising Dr. Penser earlier, looks into a glass panel on an escape pod prop and talks into a radio disguised as a tube of lipstick. She explains to Dr. Mindbender, who is outside with Torch, Ripper, Buzzer and Monkeywrench, that Dr. Penser is guarded only by his brother. But then she notices Sgt. Slaughter and Sci Fi walk by her.

Dr. Mindbender orders Zarana to distract the Joes while he and the Dreadnoks visit Dr. Penser. While carrying a stack of books, Zarana purposely bumps into Sgt. Slaughter, who quickly apologizes and notices that one of her books is autographed by Dr. Penser. After Zarana misinforms the Joes that Penser is in the main lobby, Dr. Mindbender and the Dreadnoks enter the convention.

While Sci Fi and Sgt. Slaughter find the empty room and realize they have been tricked, Timothy tries to tell his brother not to deal with Cobra. However, Dr. Penser gruffly tells him to leave him and Buzzer mockingly adds that the kid should go read some funny books.

Dr. Mindbender negotiations, however, are cut short as Sgt. Slaughter tackles the Dreadnoks and tosses the Cobra scientist around. As one fan explains that the fight is merely a group of fans putting on a show, Sci Fi introduces himself to the Dr. Penser.

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