Your acting couldn't get you onto a soap opera.
  -- The Baroness (after Zartan informs Cobra Commander of the extra charge for his acting services)
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"Hey, Iceberg! Wanna be the Greenpeace poster boy?"
- Wet-Suit (while chasing Iceberg, who was changed into a killer whale)

After examining the tropidome from a cliff with Dial-Tone, Beach Head decides to order Lady Jaye to perform a daring parachute entrance through the iris on the base’s roof rather than blasting their way into the base. While Lady Jaye jumps out of the Tomahawk yelling “Yo Joe,” Dr. Mindbender tries to convince Iceberg, who has been changed into a killer whale, to eat a large bowl of synthetic protein, which Mahia urges Iceberg to not eat. Dr. Mindbender then learns that Snow Job has escaped and orders his underlings to find the missing Joe.

Outside, Beach Head leads Low-Light, Sci Fi and Dial-Tone to the base’s door while Lady Jaye silently drops toward the iris. As she drops toward the base, she strikes junction box with a javelin and floats into the base, but the iris closes and catches her parachute, leaving her dangling above the ground at a perilous height. Meanwhile, Beach Head and his teammates enter the base just as the intruder alarm is activated.

Dr. Mindbender releases the rest of his wolf-men, and Wet-Suit and Snow Job dash past their cages as the doors open. The Cobra wolf-men below Lady Jaye snarl savagely, but she calmly pulls out a gas grenade, removes the pin and drops it to the ground. After slipping on a gas mask, she unlatches herself from the parachutes, moves past the wolfmen and runs with her teammates to the lab.

However, the elevator's route to the underground level is cut off and the Joes are surrounded by Walrus-men with guns. Enraged to see his friends captured, Iceberg struggles to pronounce “Yo Joe” and attacks the half-animal Cobra agents.

After Lady Jaye and the other Joes realize the killer whale is Iceberg, Dr. Mindbender makes his exit, but Wet-Suit detonates the bomb on the Cobra sub. Unfortunately, the explosion not only destroys the sub but the floor above the sub as well.

After Iceberg falls into the sea and swims away, the Joes, Mahia and Dr. Wendigos exit the base and Beach Head decides to use Wet-Suit, the Joes’ Navy SEAL, as bait in order to prevent Iceberg from freezing in the water after eating real protein.

Skimming the water in a Tomahawk, the Joes spot Iceberg racing toward a pack of seals. Wet-Suit is lowered in front of Iceberg and yells to his mutated teammate, “Hey, Iceberg! Wanna be the Greenpeace poster boy?”

Wet-Suit then yells for the Joes to lower him down, however, the clutch breaks and Wet-Suit falls into the water and is pursued by Iceberg.

Activating his fins and motors, Wet-Suit races Iceberg to the shore.

Low-Light shoots Iceberg with Mahia’s gun, which is loaded with drugged darts, and Mahia then places a piece of meat in the killer whale’s mouth.

Slowly, Iceberg turns back to normal and the Joes return to the air in the Tomahawk. Mahia thanks the Joes for saving her uncle’s lab and Low-Light explains that Dial-Tone and Dr. Wendigos successfully turned all of the Cobra animal-men back to normal thanks to some real meat.

While Lady Jaye asks about Dr. Mindbender, the mad scientist, who is on a boat below the Joes, aims a rocket launcher at the helicopter. However, before he can fire the weapon, a killer whale attacks the boat and Dr. Mindbender falls into the ocean while the Joes fly home.

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