It takes a strong stomach to watch me eat.
  -- Cobra Commander (to Destro, who interrupts Cobra Commander's meal)
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"Aw, would I do a thing like that?"
- Wet-Suit (to Lady Jaye, who believes he used Iceberg so that he could finish a test)

At the Joes’ base, Dial-Tone tries to reach Iceberg by radio and Lady Jaye wonders outloud why Iceberg doesn’t answer. Wet-Suit quips that he is probably “snug as a bug in a rug” since he has a girlfriend at the tropidome. Lady Jaye quickly accuses Wet-Suit of directing Iceberg to the tropidome in order to have more time to work on his broken gear. “Aww, would I do a thing like that?” Wet-Suit replies.

Inside the tropidome Iceberg awakens inside a wooden cage hanging above the ground and comments that the heat is worse than Galveston, Texas. He spots Mahia and she asks why he visited her. After noting that he thought she was in trouble, Mahia sadly tells him that he will be a guinea pig in an experiment.

The creatures around the cage, Mahia notes, refuse to eat the synthetic meat, but after one of Cobra’s wolfmen eats a bird, it falls to the ground and turns human again. A Cobra walrus-man tells Mahia to be silent and Iceberg’s cage is lowered to the ground. As the Joe is led away, Mahia tells him to not eat the synthetic meat no matter how great his hunger. “You’re going to make me nervous if you keep talking like that,” mumbles Iceberg as he is led to Dr. Mindbender’s lab.

Cobra’s scientist explains that he knows everything about Iceberg, whose real name is Clifton Nash, detests the heat and hails from Brownsville, Texas. After Dr. Mindbender orders the Joe to be placed inside a cooler, a Cobra ferret-man notes that two Joes, Wet-Suit and Snow Job, are approaching the base.

Two walrus-men attack Wet-Suit and Snow Job, who are traveling across the sea in a Devilfish. Snow Job pulls a cord on his clothes and immediately begins to float to the surface thanks to a built-in floatation device, but he is intercepted by the walrus-men. Wet-Suit, however, activates his flippers and motors and then races towards the tropidome.

While Beach Head orders Low-Light, Lady Jaye, Gung Ho and Spirit to follow him on a mission, Dr. Wendigos tells Dr. Mindbender that the Cobra walrus-men have not returned and worries that they will freeze to death in the water if they eat some of the fish. “Well, I we’ll just hope for the best,” Dr. Mindbender replies in a mock-concerned voice.

As Snow Job is carried into the base, he tells the walrus-men to be careful with him since he is the delicate-type, and then jokingly tells Cobra’s mad scientist that he was just passing through the area before pulling a cord in order to deflate his suit back to its normal size.

After Snow Job is thrown into the same freezer with Iceberg, the Joe angrily turns to the walrus-men and demands to know what happened to his friend. But a mutated Cobra agent backhands the Joe and sends him crashing into a wall and collapsing to the ground from the impact. The Cobra walrus-men then grab Iceberg and carry him away.

After Mahia is brought into the room, Iceberg is placed on a table and Dr. Mindbender yells at Dr. Wendigos to activate the mutation device, and the unconscious Iceberg slowly begins to mutate.

Watching helplessly inside a cooler, Snow Job pounds on the glass wall of his cage and yells his friend’s name. Unfortunately, the cold temperatures in Snow Job’s cell cause him to grow extremely tired. Elsewhere in Cobra’s base, Wet-Suit places a bomb on a Cobra submarine and makes his way to the lab, where he frees Snow Job while Dr. Mindbender and the others are watching Iceberg transform.

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