Um, help me join the Joe team?
  -- Amber (to Quick Kick after he jokingly asks what he is going to do with her)
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"Eee-ooow! You da-blanged idjit - no wonder they call you Ripcord!"
- Wild Bill (yelling at Ripcord, who ripped a piece of adhesive tape off his mouth a little too quickly)

Ripcord, Duke and Cutter find Wild Bill tied up and with a piece of tape over his mouth. As Ripcord pulls away the tape, Wild Bill yells: "Eee-ooow! You da-blanged idjit - no wonder they call you Ripcord!" Cutter discovers the canisters attached to the fuel line and Duke tells the Joes that they need to warn the others. Outside, Gung Ho watches several Skystrikers crash and yells: "Holy Hannah! We've been sabotaged!" Duke catches up with Firefly, however, the saboteur in Cobra's employ, tosses a incendiary grenade that blocks Duke's approach and allows Firefly to escape.

Ripcord explains to Duke that Firefly slipped acid into the fuel which turned the Skystrikers and the transport plane into bombs. However, one Skystriker survived.

Beside Cobra's base are several buildings and inside one of them Lady Jaye and Flint sing as they use Flint's knife, which is built into his watch, to cut the binds that bind them together. The Joes knock out the guards as they burst into the room to threaten the Joes to "clam up."

Flint and Lady Jaye run to a communication console and since Destro always uses the same basic design layout, he thinks that he can warn the Joes. However, Destro arrives with several heavily armed troops and thanks Flint for the design tip. Before Destro kills the Joes, Cobra Commander enters the room and tells Destro that the two formidable foes deserve a fighting chance, and he cackles in his trademark insane laughter.

Breaker receives a distress call from the Taganook Indian who saved Snow Job and explains that the Joes received a heavy dose of tranquilizers. Duke explains to Cutter that since one Skystriker, Lady Jaye's plane, didn't receive any of Firefly's “hot sauce,” then there is just enough fuel for a one way trip to help save their friend.

After Ripcord parachutes from the last working plane, he enters the cabin, pulls a syringe from a first aid kit, and injects a serum into Snow Job that helps neutralize the toxicity in his veins. Grabbing his friend's hand, Snow Job tells Ripcord that he never imagined that seeing "his ugly puss would look so good." Snow Job quickly tells Ripcord about Cobra's base, however, Ripcord explains that he needn't worry because the Joes have quite a surprise for their enemy.

As WHALE hovercrafts glide toward Cobra's base, Lady Jaye and Flint, who are chained to one another at the waist, struggle to stay alive while trapped in an arena with the same polar bear they met earlier. The Joes attack, but their weapons are strong enough to pierce the armor on the HISS tanks. Cobra Commander bursts from the arena to order his troops to protect the ion attractor.

Flint and Lady Jaye run on opposite sides of the bear so that the animal will bite through through Cobra's cheap chains. The Joes run out the arena, close the door before the bear chases them and run to the control room for the ion attractor. As Flint set the controls for full power, Destro enters the room and tells them that they have not yet learned the difference between bravery and stupidity. Before Destro is able to fire a shot, Lady Jaye uses the chain around her belt to knock away Destro's gun. Flint knocks Destro out a window and the Joes escape.

The scientists are rescued before their building falls into the ice and as the Cobra elite flee in a submarine, Duke launches depth charges to "ring their chimes." The Cobra base falls into the icy waters and as Lady Jaye tells Flint how beautiful the aurora borealis lights appears from afar, the polar bear Flint and Lady Jaye continue to meet climbs onto the hovercraft and falls asleep. "He's better looking from a distance, too," Flint adds. Lady Jaye asks Duke if he is going to do anything about the bear, however, Duke has a simple philosophy about 10 foot bears - they can do anything they want!

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