This is Lady Jaye. Clothes are like candy to her.
  -- The Gamesmaster (telling Koko about his next target)
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"Aren't you the cock-eyed optimissst."
- Lady Jaye (to Cobra Commander after she is captured)

Staring at the approaching HISS tanks, Snow Job and Flint realize that have two choices: plow through the oncoming wave of HISS tanks or wait for the tanks to run over them. Electing to take their chances on running through Cobra's formation, the Joes drive through but damage the front skis on the snowmobile. The Joes jump clear and the Polar Bear skimobile crashes into a wall of ice. Flint decides it's best for them to lay low and hope Cobra doesn't find them.

Meanwhile, Cobra forces converge on the camp. Cobra Commander tells Lady Jaye and the scientists that they are caught in Cobra's fangs, however, Lady Jaye tells Cobra Commander to pick his fangs with one of his javelins. Cobra's leader dives for cover as a Cobra agent takes a shot at Lady Jaye, who is knocked from her feet and loses her javelin. As she reaches for her weapon, Cobra Commander slams the heel of his boot on her hand, which causes her to cry out in pain, and tells her that they are prisoners and will be joined with her teammates. "Aren't you the cock-eyed optimissst," she retorts, mimicking Cobra Commander's hiss.

As several Cobra agents search for Flint and Snow Job, they awaken the polar bear, who knocks aside one of the two agents before it is shot with a tranquilizer dart. Snow Job and Flint run toward a FANG helicopter and Flint orders Snow Job to radio Joe headquarters and to send the hovercrafts while he will try to contact the Joes using a radio inside Cobra's base. Snow Job flies away in the FANG, but a Cobra agent jumps onboard and the two fall into the snow.

Flint tries to sneak into the base, but Cobra Commander tells him to stop or his friends will perish. Bound in shackles, Lady Jaye apologizes to Flint.

The Cobra agent's sash, which contains tranquilizer darts, falls apart as he hits the ground. And while Snow Job and the Cobra wrestle in the snow, Snow Job's shoulder is stabbed by the tips of the darts. He knocks out the Cobra agent and begins his march through the snow to get help for his friends.

Inside Cobra's base, Destro explains to Flint and Lady Jaye that the world is finally receiving a much needed bath. As the ion attractor helps melt the ice, Destro explains, the water level around the world rises, and with the world in chaos - Cobra strikes. "I bet you take first prize at the science fair," comments Lady Jaye. After Destro warns Lady Jaye that she may cut her own throat with so sharp a tongue, he orders his troops to take the Joes away.

Snow Job tumbles down a bank and tells himself to get up, but he remains on the ground. Cobra Commander is assured by the Baroness that it is unlikely that Snow Job has survived and Cobra's leader tells the Baroness to order Firefly to cause his diversion.

As Cobra's saboteur examines the base with his binoculars, he remarks that the Joes are planning something big. Dropping down from a tree, Firefly sprays acid onto a electric fence and sneaks into the base, knocks out Wild Bill and attaches a canister of acid to a pipe in the base.

As she sips a drink from a mug, Dr. Entwhistle worries are soothed by Duke as he explains that no one can fight Cobra alone and that is why there is a Joe team.

Snow Job continues his trek through the blizzard but falls down again. Fortunately, a Taganook Indian on a sled finds Snow Job and takes him to his village. Snow Job awakens, sees the radio and mumbles incoherently about calling Joe seven niner before falling out of the bed.

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