This guy mustíve studied political science at UCLA.
  -- Gung Ho (after a river pirate is captured and pleads that he is innocent)
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"Oh, no. It's your flying fool girlfriend."
- Duke (to Flint after seeing Lady Jaye fly close to the ground in her Skystriker)

As Duke explains to Flint about his confusion regarding the aurora borealis lights going "haywire," Duke turns to the sky and wonders who is buzzing the base in a Skystriker. Realizing it is Lady Jaye, Duke tells Flint, "Oh, no. It's your flying-fool girlfriend." Flying near the surface, Lady Jaye causes Duke and Flint to duck and Flint's beret is knocked off his head. Duke tells Flint to "get Lady Jaye in tow" and after she lands Flints explains that a disturbance in the aurora borealis may be causing the polar ice caps to melt. Exasperated, Lady Jaye stops and replies: "Are you kidding? That could flood every coastal city on Earth." "You catch on quick," says Flint.

Flint states that the Snow Job will accompany them as they travel with several scientists, who include Dr. Johanesen and Dr. Entwhistle. Dr. Entwhistle scoffs the military's ability to do anything constructive, which annoys Flint, however, Lady Jaye raises her hand for a handshake with Dr. Entwhistle and adds, "It's a pleasure." Turning away from Lady Jaye and placing her hand in the pockets of her jacket, Dr. Entwhistle coldly replies, "It's certainly not mine." After berating the military again, Lady Jaye steps forward with her own caustic replies, but Flint steps between them, turns to Entwhistle and tells her to stow her gear.

As she leaves, a crane knocks a stack of crates, however, Flint and Ripcord push the scientists out of the way before they are crushed by the boxes. Flint runs over to the crane threatening to demote the operator down to private. But no one is inside the crane. Although Lady Jaye thinks someone was simply careless, Flint considers sabotage.

The Joes and the scientists arrive at the aurora borealis and Snow Job is ordered by Flint to scout ahead and adds that he is not allowed to take any side trips to sell refrigerators to Eskimos. "Aw, would I do a thing like that?" Snow Job replies as he speeds away.

Snow Job finds a gap too wide to all the Snow Cats from crossing so Flint suggests that they set up camp. After the campsite is created, Flint tells Dr. Johanessen and Lady Jaye that he will draw up a guard roster. Dr. Entwhistle walks up to the group and says in a snide tone that Flint's next decision will be to draft the scientists. The Joes turn away and Lady Jaye mumbles that she would love to put Entwhistle through boot camp.

Flint awakens in the middle of the night due to the sound of rumbling engines. Peering through the opening in his tent, he catches sight of Snow Cat driving toward him. Before the vehicle runs him down, he dives out of the tent along with Snow Job. Flint jumps onto one of the Snow Cats to see who is driving, but the seats are empty.

Lady Jaye and Dr. Entwhistle try to exit their tent at the same time and are caught in the doorway. Fortunately, Snow Job shoots the Snow Cat with two missiles from the Polar Battle effectively ending the Snow Cat's destructive run. When the camp is calm again, Lady Jaye suggests that their equipment was sabotaged, but Dr. Entwhistle tells her that the idea is nonsense because it is more likely that the ionization from the aurora borealis caused the equipment to start.

Inside a hotel in an unknown city, a maid in a motel finds Dr. Entwhistle tied to a chair and a piece of tape over her mouth. The maid removes the tape and Dr. Entwhistle tells her that she needs to contact the G.I.Joe team immediately.

Snow Job tells Flint that the snow is becoming slush and the Snow Cats will soon fall into the water. As Flint wishes they had brought the WHALE Hovercrafts, Lady Jaye walks toward a noise and a shadow behind a Snow Cat. Believing she will discover the identity of the saboteur, she instead runs into a polar bear who is stealing their food. After the bear swipes Lady Jaye's javelin and snaps it into two pieces, she tells the bear: "Go ahead. Help yourself."

As Flint and Snow Job leave to chase the bear, Lady Jaye shouts that they forgot something - "Me," she shouts. However, the Joes lose the creature and instead find a Cobra base that Snow Job describes as "awesome - totally awesome." Entwhistle walks up to the Joes who are lying on the ground and fires a flare gun. Standing outside the base, Destro sees the flare and Cobra Commander orders the alarms to be sounded.

Cobra HISS tanks and FANGs advance toward the Joes and Dr. Entwhistle, who rips away her mask to reveal herself as the Baroness. The Joes dash to the Polar Bear skimobile and retreat. Using a piece of ice as a ramp, the Joes jump across the water to safety, and Snow Job shouts, "We made it!" However, more HISS tanks approach the Joes and Flint replies, "More or less."

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