Unbelievable! And I thought you were weird!
  -- Sgt. Slaughter (to Sci Fi after walking into a science fiction convention)
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"Great. Just great. Over eleven million square miles of Africa to choose from and I gotta pick a Cobra used car dealership."
- Slipstream (while parachuting to a Cobra base)

A Tele-Viper adjust a satellite dish on a Cobra submarine and sends a signal to a satellite in space.

However, Slipstream intercepts and records the signal then transfers the telemetry data to a missile, which flies into space and destroys the satellite.

After the submarine fires at Slipstream’s Conquest X-30, the Tele-Viper declares a “maximum alert” and orders a squad of Night Ravens to pursue and capture the Joe plane. A Firebat flies out of the submarine and Slipstream drops the cassette containing the intercepted Cobra code into one of the pockets on his flight suit.

The AVAC piloting the Cobra Firebat attacks Slipstream, so the Joe dons his goggles, increases his airspeed and begins to outrace his opponent, who loses sight of him while flying above an island. Slipstream flips his plane over, flies above the Firebat pilot and asks, “Lose something, Cobra?”

Slipstream then moves behind the Firebat and destroys the Cobra plane with two missiles. As the pilot parachutes to the ground, Slipstream jokingly asks if his opponent if his flight insurance is paid up. Standing on a beach, the AVAC turns toward the sky and watches three Night Ravens streak over the treetops and pursue Slipstream, who tries to call the Joes for help. Unfortunately, the radio transmission is blocked, so Slipstream decides to confront the three planes on his own after the leader of the Night Raven squad informs him that he recorded a Cobra Command code and might live if he surrenders.

After Slipstream releases his emergency chute, it covers the canopy of one of the Night Ravens, forcing the pilot to eject. A missile from the Conquest-X30 destroys the second of three planes, however, the pilot of the last Night Raven decides to show Slipstream the Strato-Viper’s way to a hard landing. Laser shots burst from the Cobra plane’s cannons and riddle the top of the Conquest X-30 and shatter the canopy.

Gasping for air, Slipstream attaches his breathing gear and pulls his goggles back on, but the Night Raven pilot fires another missile at Slipstream and hits him. The Conquest X-30 streaks toward the ground, but as the Night Raven pilot, who promises to remember the Joe pilot for his skills, flies by Slipstream, he fires his last missile and yells, “Yo Joe!”

The Joe’s missile nails the Night Raven and one of its engine bursts into flames. Slipstream ejects from his own plane moments before it explodes and slowly falls to an island while lamenting that General Hawk will be annoyed that he lost his plane after destroying only three Cobra Night Ravens.

And, unfortunately, the damaged Night Raven decides to land on Slipstream's island as well. Because the Cobra plane flew too close to a Cobra Stun, the landing wheels are knocked off and the plane rolls over and skids to a halt on the runway. “Great. Just great. Over eleven million square miles of Africa to choose from and I gotta pick a Cobra used car dealership,” Slipstream yells sarcastically.

Slipstream lands and then runs over to help the Night Raven pilot, and he is shocked to learn that the pilot is a woman. The Cobra pilot tries to use the element of surprise by shooting the Joe, however, after five shots from her gun, the power pack is dead. She curses Destro’s shoddy equipment and Slipstream walks back from his cover and helps her out of the wreckage.

Once she is clear, she blames him for her sprained ankle, fires a left upper cut to his jaw and the attempts to grab his gun. The two wrestle for control of Slipstream’s gun and the Night Raven pilot wins the struggle, but her plane explodes and the force knocks her to the ground, and the gun flies out of her hand and into the sea.

The Cobra submarine arrives near the island and launches six missiles, which land nose first and let loose several squads of BATs, a sight that convinces the Night Raven pilot that Cobra has not abandoned her and one that forces Slipstream to pick up a metal club and ask himself, “Why do I feel like there is a target painted on my chest?”

While Slipstream dives for cover as the BATs fire their guns, the Strato-Viper pilot runs toward the BATs and tells them that she is on their side. After the Joe pilot tackles the woman to the ground, she angrily states that Slipstream is the target, not her. Slipstream drags her behind cover, but two more missiles loaded with BATs crash onto the island and one of the Cobra robots fires a bazooka at the pair.

Slipstream grabs the Cobra pilot and runs, but a Stun explodes and knocks them to the ground. The Joe immediately climbs back to his feet, drapes the injured Cobra pilot over his shoulder and begins to retreat again while she yells, “Put me down, you overgrown Boy Scout!” She informs him that fighting single-handedly is impossible, but Slipstream notes that surrender is as sure as suicide. Another explosion erupts behind them and she yells, “We got cover from that smoke! Move!” Still carrying the pilot, Slipstream replies, “Oh, so now it’s ‘we’ got cover!”

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