Hungry little devils, aren't they?
  -- Dusty (to a Cobra agent, who is pinned down in a pool filled with piranhas)
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Credits: written by Flint Dille

Production Number: 600-57

Original Airdate: December 11, 1985

Version One: Lady J receives a strange message from England, informing her she is the heir to an ancient manor. When she arrives, she finds herself thrust into a sinister mystery involving a strange hooded cult, secret passages, and the truth behind Destro’s silver mask. [Note: The episode was originally called “The G.I.Joe Gothic Mystery”]

Version Two: Lady J inherits a spooky old house on the moors of England - a house with a sinister past and an even more sinister connection to Destro!

G.I.Joe: Lady Jaye, Flint, Duke*, Breaker, Gung Ho, Alpine, Roadblock, Col. Sharpe*, Barbecue, Snake Eyes, Spirit Cobra: Destro, Firefly, the Baroness, Cobra agents
G.I.Joe: Falcon glider, USS Flagg Cobra: HISS, Rattler, CLAW, Trubble Bubble
* indicates the character was silent during the episode

At the beginning of the episode, a female Cobra agent appears and thanks Destro with a kiss since he saved her life. If you listen to the female Cobra agent in "Spell of the Siren" (who bursts into a room just as the Baroness asks Destro if he hears wedding bells), she sounds like the same agent. Could Destro have a secret admirer? [189 kb]

Firefly introduces himself as Clayton Oliver Nichols, a solicitor with the initials CON, which is utterly appropriate since he was part of a "con job" to bring Lady Jaye to the castle.

The letter Lady Jaye receives from the solicitor states that she has received land from Agatha Doyle. The name of "Agatha Doyle" is more than likely a combination of the names Agatha Christi and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who were mystery writers.

Another example of foreshadowing in the series appears when Lady Jaye descends down a staircase and passes by a relief with a stone creature, which resembles the creature in Destro's castle. And although the title of the episode is "Skeletons in the Closet," a phrase used to describe that secrets in one's life, was it really necessary to have skeletons in a stone corridor, which could be thought of as a walk-in closet?

During the battle at Destro's castle, Snake Eyes jumps off his hang glider, slides into a seat in a Trubble Bubble and eventually lands on the roof of the mansion. However, a continuity error occurs when he is later seen flying a hang glider through one of the castle's windows.

H.P. Lovercraft's Cthulhu stories could have been a likely source of influence in the creation of the episode, which continues in the seconds season's episode "Sins of Our Fathers."

The Baroness, who was probably under a great deal of stress, mistakenly says ‘creature’ and not ‘woman’ while quoting Destro's comment about her.

The episode was released along with "Not a Ghost of Chance" by Rhino as volume four.

Gung Ho: Duck!
Gung Ho: This is disgusting!
Roadblock: Kinda reminds me of your apartment.
Gung Ho: Nope. There’s no TV in here.
Time: 11 seconds
Commentary: Again, the USA Network cut out the one of the best components to the show: the humor.


Time: 9 seconds
Commentary: Although the dialogue was not edited, the music, another wonderful feature in the series, was lost with this edit.


Coven members (together): Sacrifice, descend. Dark power, arise!
Lady Jaye: Okay! Okay! Cut me loose and I’ll give you donation.
Coven member: She will make good food for the beast.
Time: 16 seconds
Commentary: The shot of Lady Jaye after the cut was comprised of a camera pan from bottom to top


Time: 1.5 seconds


Time: 1.5 seconds
Commentary: A unique periscope appearance (the missile's point of view) was lost.


Spirit: Cobra Trubble Bubbles!
Firefly: Cobra - attack!
Time: 14 seconds


Time: 4 seconds


Spirit: This house is filled with a deep evil.
Barbecue: It just got deeper.
Time: 11 seconds


Shipwreck explains that you shouldn't steal property from other people since you would not like someone to rob you.
Same as above


Nintendo I
1.53 mb

Sound Clip: "I wouldn’t wish that defective junk on Cobra," Flint says. "Well....maybe." [40 kb]

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