Let’s not and pretend we did, okay?
  -- Scarlett (after slapping Shipwreck in the face when he makes a pass at her)
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"Next time, I’ll clone him with a sense of humor."
- Dr. Mindbender (after Serpentor tosses him across the room)

Aboard an aircraft carrier’s speaker system, Dial-Tone announces to the pilots that all in-flight refueling coordinates have been programmed into the planes and then wishes them good luck. In one of the ship’s communication rooms, Scarlett watches Slipstream program a VCR for Lady Jaye’s television appearance, however, the two are interrupted as Lifeline and Lift-Ticket enter the room with Flint, who orders the two Joes to the flight deck.

Lift-Ticket tries to cheer up a slightly perturbed Flint, but Lifeline tells his teammate to “stow it” since his teammate is talking about Flint’s personal life.

Scarlett, Duke and the other Joes then take off from the aircraft carrier and Flint officially begins the rescue mission by radioing Beach Head that they will reach the target in fifteen minutes.

Elsewhere, a sub launches several missiles at an island, and two men race away from the bombarded area. Although one of the men believes they are under attack, his companion states that sub, which is leaving the island, was firing random shots and notes that their attackers apparently want to silence them even though there plane was shot down, as if they don’t want the world to know their part of the story.

On a television screen, several generic Joes watch the two pilots from an AR-90A “Ghost” bomber eject to safety before the plane crashes. The announcer states that even though the missing crew did not identify the attacking party, Lady Jaye believes that she can prove that Cobra is behind the attack. Hector Ramirez introduces himself and his show, Twenty Questions, before introducing the guests on his show, Lady Jaye and General Hawk, who are in his studio, and Cobra Commander, Dr. Mindbender and Serpentor, who are appearing via a transmission from a Cobra satellite.

Ramirez first asks the Joes why the Ghost plane is so valuable. After General Hawk explains that the plane is one of two prototype surveillance planes, Lady Jaye adds that the plane flies so low that it appears as a ghost on radar, covers 200,000 square miles per hour and achieve speeds of Mach 4 at 93,000 feet.

Cobra Commander retaliates by screaming at the Joes and calls the Ghost an inferior craft compared to Cobra’s Night Ravens. “When the truth is known, we will make you eat your words!” he yells at the camera with a shaking fist.

Ramirez points out that Cobra Commander does have a point since the flight recorder was not found. But Lady Jaye points out there is plenty of evidence and recounts the attack, which began with a radio message from the Ghost during a surveillance/shakedown mission. Scarlett, Lady Jaye, Flint and several other Joes race to the scene, but along the way Lady Jaye reports to Flint that “Ron” is in trouble.
“Ron?” asks Flint. “You mean Major Michaels?” he asks with a heavy emphasis on the Major's rank.
“Give me break, Flint. Ron and I went to flight school together.”
“Yeah, yeah, I know. We’re just good friends,” Flint replies.

The Joes arrive at the scene in their Conquests X-30 and immediately attack several Cobra Night Ravens. However, they lost track of the pilots.

In a Cobra sub, an Eel tells his commander that they have already searched for the missing pilots on the nearby island. However, the captain asks, “Do you want to tell Serpentor we didn’t find them?” After the Eel replies negatively, she then tells him to shut up. The Cobra submarine commander spots the two survivors from the Ghost and orders the Eels to load a mega-warhead into a torpedo tube.

Aboard a Tomahawk helicopter, Flint rides next to Lift-Ticket and suggests that they examine the chain of islands on the eastern side while Beach Head impatiently urges the radio in front of him to send some transmissions.

The Cobra sub commander spots the Tomahawk and slams the dive controls, however, Flint spots the Cobra Manta submarine and Lift-Ticket drops enough depth charges to damage the sub’s missile launcher hatches, stopping Cobra from attacking the island.

Not sure why Cobra would be near the island, Flint orders the search for Sullivan and Michaels to continue, however, the pilots are on the island below them and watch the Tomahawk leave even as they shout and try to catch the Joes’ attention.

After Ramirez invites Cobra Commander to offer some background information about his organization, Cobra Commander explains that G.I.Joe has a history of accusing Cobra for every crime imaginable. At a nearby communications console, Serpentor orders Dr. Mindbender to be told when the Red Viper team makes contact with the sub. Dr. Mindbender then jokingly explains to Serpentor that the situation is unfortunate since the two Ghost pilots could freeze to death. But Serpentor grabs Dr. Mindbender, tosses him across the room and then reminds him that there is still one more Ghost plane. “Next time, I’ll clone him with a sense of humor,” mutters Dr. Mindbender. As Serpentor walks back to the studio, he states, “Even a fool like Cobra Commander can’t keep talking forever.”

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