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  -- Alpine (before punching Xamot, who explains that he feels everything that his brother experiences)
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"Um, help me join the Joe team?"
- Amber (to Quick Kick after he jokingly asks what he is going to do with her)

After shushing her friend, Sandy, who rates a night class on Greek mythology as a “12 on yawn scale,” Amber leaves class with her friend but stop when the two spot a sign advertising a G.I.Joe martial arts expedition. Enthusiastic about the seeing people who really do make history, Amber attends the show while Sandy elects to go “hunk hunting.”

On a basketball court covered with mats, Quick Kick explains that martial art is not simply fighting but a discipline as well. He chops a chain in half and the crowd errupts with applause. After the sparring match between Quick Kick and his partners, Amber stands up, cheers Quick Kick by his codename and shouts the Joes’ battlecry. Asking for a volunteer from the audience for a friendly sparring match, Quick Kick watches Amber leap from her seat and shout “me” several times while walking down the stairs.

Promising to go easy on her, Quick Kick flips her to ground in their first round, however, Amber quickly climbs to her feet. As Quick Kick attacks her again, she punches him in the stomach, evades his advance and kicks him in the back, causing him to fall to the mat. “I said I’d take it easy,” Quick Kick says between heavy breaths. But Amber smiles and tells him in a half-laughing voice, “Yeah, but I didn’t.”

Quick Kick asks where she learned her moves and as Amber extends her hand to help him up, he pulls her forward and flips her onto the ground. Declining a hand up, Quick Kick watches her leave and tells the audience, “Like they say in the movies, ‘Abedee-abedee-abedee, that’s all folks.’”

Running down the hall and not knowing Amber’s name, Quick Kick calls out, “Gorgeous - hey, Gorgeous!” She tells him that her name is Amber and Quick Kick is told that he is quite talented. “Perfection is something I’ve learned to live with,” he jokes, and then asks if she would like to get something to eat and maybe catch a movie. Hearing Amber express her delight yet not quite believing him, Quick Kick pulls from his vast reseviour of movie lines a Humphrey Bogart quote to tell her that he is quite serious.

Quick Kick and Amber dance the night away, however, Quick Kick sleeps through the ballet while Amber sleeps through a baseball. But whenever they spar in a dojo, opposites seem to attract. Under a full moon, a lover’s moon according to Amber’s roommate, Quick Kick tries to immitate Jimmy Stewart in It’s a Womderful Life, however, Amber mistakes his impression as something John Wayne would say. “Oh, Amber, what am I going to do with you?” Looking directly into his eyes, she replies, “Um, help me join the Joe team?” Shocked that Amber would even consider joining the Joes, Amber tells him that she wants to make a difference and if Quick Kick can handle Cobra she asks how dangerous could they be. “Plenty dangerous, Amber,” Quick Kick replies in a somber, dark tone. “Plenty.”

On an island with a volcano, Gung Ho punches a snake and attempts to evade the Cobra agent who is weilding a laser whip that slices a tree trunk yet binds the Joe. Cobra Commander is told by a Tele-Viper that the Joe has been identified as Gung Ho and Cobra’s leader tells the communications officer to not kill Gung Ho yet. As the Baroness walks with Cobra Commander, she compliments him for his laser whip invention, which he considers as a trifle plaything, and he then tells her that he needs her to steal something for him.

As a building burns in the night, Duke tells Scarlett that the “weenie roast” on the ground is what’s left of the Joes’ electionics lab and then leads the four Dragonfly helicopters to the ground. Lady Jaye, Bazooka, Duke and Scarlett enter the fiery lab and Lady Jaye runs to the sound of a voice crying out for help. However, she knocked out, but Bazooka finds her and the Joes retreat from the building before it collapses to the ground. They all catch sight of a Cobra Rattler flying away and Duke hazards a guess that Cobra was after the Joes’ new guidance system, which was moved to Joe headquarters. Scarlett notes that Cobra will return, however, Duke confidently states that the Joes will be ready.

As Duke, Scarlett and Bazooka visit Lady Jaye in the infirmary, Quick Kick delivers some flowers and tells Lady Jaye to get well soon. Lightly joking with Quick Kick, Scarlett tells him that his new girlfriend had better not hear about the flowers. But Quick Kick sourly replies that the only flowers Amber would be interested in are those wrapped in enlistment papers.

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