Did all of your cash just do the big flash?
  -- Roadblock (after witnessing the disintegration of the money at a poker game)
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Credits: written by Gerry and Carla Conway

Production Number: 600-18

Original Airdate: October 25, 1985

The Baroness acquires the legendary conch - a horn that sirens of legend used to bewitch Ulysses - and turns its hypnotic power on Cobra Commander and the Crimson Guard Twins. With them in thrall, she takes control of Cobra. The men of G.I.Joe are next to fall under her spell, and itís up to the Joe women - Lady J, Scarlett, and Cover Girl - to end the Baronessí reign of terror.

G.I.Joe: Lady Jaye, Cover Girl, Scarlett, Deep Six, Torpedo, Flint, Duke, Quick Kick*, Roadblock, Recondo, Ripcord*, Gung Ho*, Snake Eyes, Breaker, Snow Job, Heavy Metal*, Stalker*, Frostbite*, Zap*, Bazooka*, Flash*, Thunder*, Ace*, Spirit*, Rock 'n' Roll*, Mutt*, Tripwire*, Airtight*, Short-Fuze*, Clutch*, Grunt*, Wild Bill, Shipwreck* Cobra: Destro, The Baroness, Tomax, Xamot, Cobra Commander, Eels, Cobra agents, Crimson Guard, Major Bludd, Snow Serpent, Tele-Viper
G.I.Joe: USS Flagg, SHARC, Skystriker, Dragonfly, Snow Cat, Dragonfly, VAMP, Slugger, Silver Mirage Cobra: HISS, Stinger, ASP, Trubble Bubble, Rattler, Firebat (red and white), SNAKE, Ferret
* indicates the character was silent during the episode

When Laye Jaye receives a punch to the face, the action appears to move faster than normal. Perhaps a few frames were left out to de-emphasize the violence.

When Destro is asked by the Baroness whether or not he hears "bells," a female Cobra agent bursts into the room and interrupts their conversation. The intriguing part of the scene is that she sounds very similar to a female Cobra agent who kissed Destro after he saved her in the episode "Skeletons in the Closet." [77.2 kb]

Judging from the image above, the appearance of the Cobra hovercraft, which is similar to the Joes' WHALE, may be a sign that Cobra has discontinued their purchases of "cheap Cobra junk" and has decided to steal weapons designs from G.I.Joe.

In the Star Trek (animated series) episode "The Lorelei Signal," which aired on September 29, 1973, a mysterious signal enslaves most of the male crew of the Enterprise, and it's up to Lt. Uhura and Christine Chapel to save the guys, a plot which parallels G.I.Joe episode ("The Lorelei Signal" airdate was found at Curt Danhauser's Guide to the Animated Star Trek; submitted by Dino Virgilio Monzon)

As seen in the two images above, several Joes, like Quick Kick and Bazooka, were miscolored.

The glove on the Baroness's hand disappears as she slides back the door to Cobra Commander's cell but reappears in the next shot.

Flint: Yo Joe!
Time: 22 seconds


Time: 20 seconds


Scarlett: Duke. Oh, no, Duke.
Lady Jaye: Duke and Flint are in Cobraís power, Scarlett. Now itís up to us.
Time: 17 seconds


Time: 11.5 seconds


Flint: You heard the lady! What are we waiting for?
Time: 5 seconds


When riding at night, Dusty suggests that you should have reflectors on your bike so that cars will see you.
Same as above


He-Man IB1.27 mb

Sound Clip: "Perhaps you can judge by the company I donít keep," suggest Xamot. [32 kb]

Movie Clip: "Wishful thinking is a problem with you, isnít it?" she replies. After shooting down Major Bluddís Rattler, they avoid four heat seeking missiles by flying straight for a peak and pulling up slightly. The missiles irradiate the peak and they fly to Joe headquarters. [2.45 mb]

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