Oh, no. It's your flying fool girlfriend.
  -- Duke (to Flint after seeing Lady Jaye fly close to the ground in her Skystriker)
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"You know something, kid? You just read my mind."
- Airborne (after Tommy correctly guesses Airborne's suggestion about government research projects)

Duke explains that they lost Cobra, but Airborne explains that Cobra Commander couldn't help but boast about his base on top of K-12, located in the Himalayas. As the Joes fly off to rescue the captives and Tommy's brother, Airborne requests Duke to stop off at headquarters so that he can pick up something. Duke nods and they fly away.

Snow Job finds the base and radios Duke, who is flying in a Skystriker, that the base nearby must belong to Cobra since there is nothing else for miles. Riding toward the fortress in Polar Battle Bear skimobiles, the Joes approach the fortress and fill the icy air with their battlecry: "Yo Joe!" The Hawaiian girl, who has the ability to leave her body and travel the world, exits her body and causes the laser cannons on Flash and Stalker's skimobile to overload and explode.

Flash suggests that they approach the girl and scare her into thinking that they will move her body so that she will reintegrate. Stalker confesses his skepticism, however, he goes with the plan, which works. Flash bumbles his explanation of who he is and what has happened to her, however, Stalker interrupts and tells them that they have some snakes to squash.

Blowtorch races toward Carmandy, who creates a wall of fire between himself and Blowtorch, however, the heat from the flames causes the ice near Carmandy to melt. Chunks of ice fall on the pyrotechnic and bury him alive. Blowtorch, however, expertly uses his flamethrower to melt the ice and free Carmandy.

Airborne and Duke parachute to the Cobra base and knock out two other psionic-enhanced captives. Lady Jaye and Snow Job melt a medal door with their lasers, enter the base and meet Stalker, Flash, Blowtorch and the two psionics. Suddenly, a tree comes to life uses its branches to grab everyone but Blowtorch and Carmandy, who are caught in a large stone jaw as it emerges from the floor. And Carmandy explains that there is a powerful telekinetic in control of these traps.

As Blowtorch confirms with Duke that he received the information, Duke and Airborne race to Tommy's chambers. As they attempt to free Tommy, the telekinetic creates a large metal hand that nearly crushes Duke to death and a force field drops around Tommy while Airborne pleads to his brother to remember him. Airborne tries to jog Tommy's memory by explaining that Tommy thought of the codename "Airborne" when Airborne was made an Airman, that Tommy loved model planes and wanted to serve his country and make his brother proud of him. Holding a miniature Dragonfly, Airborne's voice becomes more desperate as he tells his brother that he made the model for him and it is one of his favorite things in the world.

Slowly, Tommy defeats Cobra's control over him and lowers the forcefield. Airborne scoops his brother up and kicks over the machine, causing the traps that have ensnared the Joes to disappear.

After swapping insults with Destro, Cobra Commander orders his troops to abandon the base via Cobra Flight Pods.

As the Washington monument is under repairs in the background, the Joes and the recently freed psionic captives enjoy cold drinks and hot dogs in a park. "Tommy," says Airborne, "the next time someone from the government asks you to participate in an E.S.P. experiment -"
"- turn 'em down?" Tommy asks.
"You know something, kid? You just read my mind."

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