Loud, clear and ugly, Colonel Sharpe.
  -- Duke (confirming that he heard Cobra's latest nefarious scheme)
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"Hey, Airborne! I hope you made out your will!"
- Flash (trying to lighten the mood as they are chased by large stone creatures created by Airborne's brother)

Flash and Airborne crawl onto a beach and are captured by several Cobra agents. As Airborne moans Tommy's name, Flash tries to find out why they kidnapped the Hawaiian girl from Honolulu, but the Cobra officer in charge reveals nothing and suggests that Cobra Commander might explain his latest plan - if the Joes live long enough to find out.

Outside the lab, Wild Weasel flies a Cobra transport plane into the air after listening to Destro's impatience; meanwhile, Duke and Lady Jaye reach their Sky Hawks and fly after their teammate's brother and fill the airwaves with their teamís battlecry - "Yo Joe!" Destro explains to Cobra Commander, who is irritated that the latest captive is related to a member of the Joe team, that the psi amplifier works perfectly and there is little chance their captives will turn their powers on Cobra due to the neural disrupter. Cobra Commander tells Destro that the Easter Island will have to be destroyed and relocated.

Destro discovers two Joes trailing the Cobra transport plane and decides to field test Tommy's ability, so he slips the psi amplifier onto Tommy's head and takes a glass elevator to the top of the plane. Standing beside Tommy, Destro watches the boy destroy the engine sections of the Joes' Sky Hawks. The Joes parachute to safety and Duke's Sky Hawk crashes into a lake while Lady Jaye's smashes into the Washington Monument, which forces Lady Jaye to confess that if she dies within the next few minutes, it will be due to her own embarassment.

Airborne and Flash, trapped in cages that are raised above ground with cranes built onto Cobra HISS tanks, taunt Cobra Commander to try to do his worst to them since they are not afraid. Transporting the Joes outside, Cobra Commander is asked by Airborne to grant a dying man's last request: to be told what will happen to his brother, Tommy. Cobra Commander explains that the boy and many others will learn to master their powers and will become Cobra's living weapons.

Destro slips a psi-amplifier on Tommy's head and Airborne screams his brother's name as Tommy turns away from him and creates stone creatures with the stone heads on Easter Island. Cobra Commander places the Joes' weapons on the ground and runs to the Cobra Transport.

As Cobra's forces escape, Airborne and Flash begin to fire at the two stone creatures. "Hey, Airborne. I hope you made out your will," states Flash. "Uh, huh! That's great, Flash," replies Airborne, firing at the Moabs. "I like your positive attitude." The Joes continue to run from the "stone bozos," a term used by Flash, but reach a cliff high above the sea.

Flying a new pair of Sky Hawks, Duke and Lady Jaye fly toward Easter Island because it was the last location their teammates reported before they were shot down. Spotting the creatures, Lady Jaye asks, "What's that?" Flying his Sky Hawk toward his friends and dropping a ladder, Duke replies, "Follow me and ask questions later!" As the stone creatures try to smash the Joes, they grab the edge of cliff. Flash turns to the right and sees the Sky Hawks coming to their rescue and believes that their luck has changed. Just as one of the Moab's hands slams down to crush the Joes, they drop from the cliff, catch the ladders and fly to safety as Easter Island explodes and causes both of the stone creatures to fall into the sea.

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