They played the tune that made men swoon.
  -- Roadblock (summarizing in two lines the power of the Conch of the Sirens)
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"Doesn't look like the kid has the goods."
- Duke (regarding the psychic ability of Airborne's brother)

Flying over some of the ruins on Easter Island, Flash and Airborne attempt to knock a few Cobra FANG helicopters out of the sky with their Dragonfly helicopter while attempting to rescue a hostage lashed to the railings of a FANG.

As Lady Jaye and Duke watch Tommy, Airborne's kid brother, in an experiment to test his psionic powers in a lab, Duke explains to Lady Jaye that most people aren't told that Tommy has psi powers because his gift spooks people. As one scientist turns over a card with a shape, Tommy attempts to choose the matching card from a set that is turned face down. However, he fails and turns away from the table in frustration.

"Doesn't look like the kid has the goods," says Duke. Lady Jaye explains that even if Tommy had psi powers, she doesn't think it's right to recruit civilians just because Cobra is gathering its own psi force. Just when the Joes and the scientists think that Tommy has failed the test, he vows to concentrate harder in his next test. Tommy's eyes roll back and the cards begin to float around the room on their own, demonstrating his telekinetic ability. Duke and a government agent in the room shake hands and Lady Jaye stares with an immense amount of worry for Tommy's future on her face.

Airborne and Flash continue their fight with Cobra in the air, and as the defensive units hidden in the statues hit the Joes' helicopter causing it to crash into water, Tommy grabs his head and exclaims that his brother, Franklin (codename: Airborne) is in trouble. The government agent explains that Tommy's psi-link with his brother has been felt two times in the past and that the link is especially sensitive when the other is in extreme danger.

Suddenly, Storm Shadow and three Cobra agents break into the lab room and kidnap Tommy. The Joes in the control room race down to rescue Tommy, who pleads to the Joes to rescue Airborne until a Cobra agent covers his mouth. Duke and the government agent dive for cover as they are fired upon by the Cobra agents and the good guys return their own shots.

One of the scientists testing Tommy's power kicks a table toward Storm Shadow, but Cobra's ninja slices the table in half and leaps onto a platform above the doctors and cuts two support cables. Before the platform smashes the scientists against the walls, Lady Jaye enters the room and tosses a javelin to block the platform.

One of the two Cobra agents fighting the Joes shouts at an old man, known as Carmandy, who dressed in tattered clothes and wearing a headband, to use his powers. Brainwashed by the Cobra headband, Carmandy shoots fire from the snake's mouth on his headband and creates a ring of fire around the Joes and the government agent, who believes that Carmandy used a flamethrower to trap them. However, Lady Jaye believes the man has pyrotechnic powers. Duke shoots a hole in a nearby wall and everyone slips through the ring of fire without catching on fire.

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