Blow in my headphones and Iíll follow you anywhere, Lady Jaye.
  -- Ace (who is asked by Lady Jaye if he would like to accompany her into battle)
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An Index to the First 100 Issues of Comics Interview
(a list originally compiled by David Anthony Kraft)

KEY: Name (status), issue no., length in pages, key subjects discussed in the interview

Uslan, Mike (Movie Producer), #77, 16 pp., Batman movie, Batman II: The Sequel

Valentino, Jim (Artist), #90, 21 pp., Comics: For Love or Money (Open Forum)
Valentino, Jim (Writer/Artist) #119, 6 pp., Shadowhawk, Image Comics
Van Hook, Kevin (Writer) #124, 10 pp., Deathmate
Van Horn, William (Artist), #77, 9 pp., Nervous Rex, Uncle Scrooge, Disney Comics
Vansant, Wayne (Artist), #53, 8 pp., The 'Nam, War, Savage Tales
Van Sickle, Craig (Screenwriter), #99, 4 pp., Lobo on TV, Flash & Alien Nation on TV
Veitch, Tom (Writer) #138, 21 pp., Star Wars, Star Wars Novel: Lightsider
Verheiden, Mark (Writer), #68, 19 pp., Aliens, The Phantom, The American, Predator
Verheiden, Mark (Writer), #87, 7 pp., Aliens Vs. Predator, Dark Horse, more
Verheiden, Mark (Writer) #136, 34 pp., The Mask, Timecop, The American
Vess, Charles (Writer/Artist) Part 1, #95, 12 pp., Spider-Man: Spirits
Vess, Charles (Writer/Artist) Part 2, #96, 9 pp., Spider-Man, DC's Sandman, Books of Magic
Vogel, Henry (Writer), #35, 11 pp., X-Thieves (creation of), Fred & Bianca, etc.
Vogel, Henry (Writer), #56, 16 pp., Southern Knights, Dragon, characters and series
Vogel, Henry (Writer) #112, 2 pp., League of Champions, Flare, Southern Knights
Vokes, Neil (Artist), #23, 6 pp., Robotech Masters/Macross Saga
Vosburg, Mike (Artist), #90, 21 pp., Comics; For Love or Money (Open Forum)

Wagner, Martin (Writer/Artist), #86, 12 pp., Hepcats, Shasta Says
Wagner, Matt (Writer/Artist), #14, 6 pp., Mags, Grendel
Wagner, Malt (Writer/Artist), #83, 15 pp., Batman vs. Grendel crossover, Mags
Waid, Alex (Art Director), #52, 7 pp., First Comics, Lone Wolf & Cub, Shadow, Mange
Waid, Mark (Writer) #118, 7 pp., JLA, Flash, DC Comics, Amazing Heroes
Waldron, Lamar (Writer), #49, 18 pp., M.I.C.R.A., Lightrunner, Visions
Waller, Reed (Artist), #59, 11 pp., Omaha the Cat Dancer, Bizarre Sex
Ward, Burt (TV Star), #31, 5 pp., Played Robin on the Batman TV show
Warner, Chds (Artist), #63, 10 pp., The American, Dr. Strange, Black Cross
Weaver, David (Retailer), #13, 3 pp., Indiana Jones, Jon Sable, X-Men
Wein, Len (Marvel/DC Writer/Editor), #92, 8 pp., X-Men, Wolverine, Batman
Weinstein, Howard (Writer) #110, 10 pp., Star Trek
Weise, Al (Writer/Artist) Part 1, #33, 9 pp., Stealgrip Starkey, Daredevil, etc.
Weiss, Al (Writer/Artist) Part 2, 8 pp., #34, Warlock, KISS rock comic, more
Werft, Rick (Retailer), #46, 7 pp., American comics scene
Wheeler, Doug (Writer) #134, 34 pp., creator-owned/independent comics
White, George (VP of Impel) $114, 11 pp., Trading Cards
Wildey, Doug, Part 1,(Writer/Artist) #148, 12 pp., Jonny Quest, Rio, Comics Strips
Wildey, Doug, Part 2, (Writer/Artist) #149, 8 pp., Jonny Quest, Rio, Comic Strips
Wieringo, Mike (Artist) #137, 21 pp., Rogue Mini-Series
Williams, Lynn (Artist), #47, 6 pp., Playgirl magazine, President of C.A.RS.
Williams, Scott (Artist), #98, 16 pp., New X-Men, Punisher, X-Factor, more
Willams, Van (Actor) #124, 19 pp., The Green Hornet
Williamson, Al (Artist), #62, 14 pp., Wolverine, Daredevil, Star Wars, The Hulk
Willingham, Bill (Writer/Artist); #17, 14 pp., Elementals, Dungeons and Dragons
Winninger, Ray (Gaming Writer), #48, 7 pp., Watchmen role-playing game, DC Heroes
Woggon, Bill (Writer/Artist) Part 1, #45, 8 pp., Katy Keane, Vicki Valentine, etc.
Woggon, Bill (Writer/Artist) Part 2, #46, 8 pp., Katy Keens, Vicki Valentine, more
Wolfman, Marv (Writer), #3, 11 pp., Teen Titans, Vigilante, Superman, Dracula
Wolfman, Marv (Writer), #26, 15 pp., DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths
Wolfman, Marv (Writer), #74, 4 pp., Future of Batman
Woods, Bob (Editor) #138, 9 pp., Star Wars Galaxy Magazine
Woolfolk, William (Top Writer of 1940s) Part 1, #28, 9 pp., Captain Marvel, Spirit, Golden Age era
Woolfolk, William (Top Writer of 1940s) Part 2, #29, 8 pp., Early Days of Comics
Workman, John (Artist/Production Manager), #6, 6 pp., Heavy Metal magazine
Wotlay, Kate (Writer), #59, 11pp, Omaha the Cat Dancer, Bizarre Sex
Wray, Bill (Artist) #122, 14 pp., Ren & Stimpy

Yakin, Boaz (Screenwriter), #76, 10 pp., screenplay of The Punisher movie
Yanchus, Andy (Marvel Colorist), #4, 2 pp., Avengers, Defenders, etc.
Yeates, Tom (Artist), #22, 15 pp., Swamp Thing, Warlord, Conan, Time Spirits
Yronwode, Cat (Editor: Eclipse Comics), #23, 11 pp., Aesthetics of comics, more

Zabel, Bryce (Screenwriter) #132, 24 pp., Superman: Lois & Clark,
Zahlar, Leslie (Colorist), #19, 4 pp., American Flagg
Zeck, Mike (Marvel Artist), #72, 16 pp., Punisher, Spider-Man, Captain America, Secret Wars
Zimeiman, Phil (Marvel Artist), #72, 9 pp., Punisher, Spider-Man/Kraven
Zimmerman, Dwight Jon (Writer/Editor), #3, 2 pp., American view of French comics
Zimmerman, Howard (Editor), #76, 4 pp., Starlog, Comics Scene, Creepy Tales
Ziuko, Tom (DC Colorist), #8, 4 pp., Supergirl, Omega Men, Catwoman, Aquaman

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