What?! Just because we’re outnumbered twenty to one?
  -- Gung Ho (after Dusty mentions that they could be in trouble)
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Buzz Dixon
November 2000 - conducted by David Thornton
Buzz Dixon
1986 - conducted by Dwight Jon Zimmerman
David Bennett Carren
November 2002 - conducted by David Thornton
Larry Hama
1986 - conducted by Dwight Jon Zimmerman
Larry Hama
July 1998 - conducted by Rod Hannah
Mike Vosburg
October 2001 - conducted by David Thornton
Steve Gerber
1986 - conducted by Dwight Jon Zimmerman
William duBay
November 2001 - conducted by David Thornton

Considering the richness of the stories and characters as well as the high levels of production quality in G.I.Joe, it is not surprising that fans would have a large number questions for the show's creative team.

Fortunately, thanks to magazines like Comics Interview, fans were offered a glimpse into the world of animation and inside the minds of some of the most talented people in the entertainment industry.

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