Next time, I’ll clone him with a sense of humor.
  -- Dr. Mindbender (after Serpentor tosses him across the room)
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"He lost it!"
- two Strato-Vipers (to Cobra Commander while pointing fingers at one another)

A group of Cobra Strato-Vipers drive their trucks through a glass wall at McGuffin Laboratories and then burst into a lab. Although the Cobra agents tell the scientists to not move, one of them presses a silent alarm button that notifies the Joes.

Beach Head orders the Joes to scramble, and although Dial-Tone stops his pool game with Shipwreck, the sailor remains behind and comments to Polly that the newest recruits lack backbone.

Just as Shipwreck leans over to hit the cue ball, Beach Head yells over the microphone for Shipwreck to report to duty. After ripping the pool table’s clothe cover with his cue stick, the Joe sprints out of the room.

Failing to crack the protective covering around the McGuffin device, the Strato-Viper uses a rocket launcher to destroy the barrier and then grabs the machine while Beach Head drives a HAVOC and leads a Tomahawk, an Armadillo and a Mauler to McGuffin Laboratories.

Inside the Sunnydale Orphanage, Jenny asks Bobby why they never get to hear a bedtime story and Bobby, who is several years older than Jenny, explains with some resentment that it is because they are orphans. Just as Jenny wishes for a bedtime story, the Joes drive past the window and Bobby is surprised by their appearance. Soon, the other kids rush to the window to catch a glimpse of the Joes.

Pointing out that Cobra has the McGuffin Device, Beach Head leads the Joes’ attack and Shipwreck, who is on a HAVOC with Low-Light and Mainframe, fires at the Firebats flying away while the other Joes attempt to destroy a BAT. The Firebat transporting the McGuffin Device is hit and the top secret device plummets to the ground.

Unfortunately, one of Shipwreck’s shots hits a Firebat and causes it to crash into the Sunnydale orphanage. Wet-Suit sarcastically congratulates Shipwreck on his sharpshooting skills.

As the fire spreads inside the orphanage, Beach Head orders the Joes to save the kids and hops onto a Low Crawl Vehicle driven by Leatherneck, and as the Joes rush toward the burning building, the BAT chasing Beach Head collapses. Lifeline lowers a wench on Lift-Ticket's Tomahawk and helps rip away the roof. Trapped on the top floor, Jenny and Bobby call out for help. Lifeline lowers himself on the Tomahawk's wench, swings towards the kids and carries them away moments before the fire consumes them.

One of the matrons thanks Lifeline for his help, and the Joe modestly requests her to not make a big deal out of the rescue. Jenny begins to lament the loss of her toys, books and clothes and Beach Head, like Wet Suit, offers his very sarcastic congratulations to Shipwreck for his terrific shot.

The Firebat that once carried the McGuffin Device lands at a Terrordrome, and after the pilots exit from the plane, Cobra Commander thanks the pilots for a job well done and asks about the device. The Strato-Vipers point to one another at the same time and tell Cobra Commander, “He lost it.” Cobra Commander then slams their heads together in a rage.

While Shipwreck explains that the Joes have arrived at the orphanage with some lumber to help rebuild the kids’ home, Cobra Commander radios Zartan for a new mission: the recovery of the McGuffin Device. The Dreadnoks, Zartan explains, are in a “weighty philosophical debate” about candy mints and breath mints, so he offers his services to Cobra Commander.

Throwing a rocket propelled dart at a stuffed Cobra Commander costume hanging from a tree in a swamp, Zartan laughs with Cobra Commander as they both realize that by handling the mission by himself, Zartan will not have to split the bounty with the others.

After knocking Leatherneck and Wet-Suit off of their ladders, swatting the two Joes and Beach Head with a beam, Shipwreck drops the beam onto Beach Head’s foot and is yelled by all three Joes to leave the area since he is a “menace to navigation” according to Wet-Suit.

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