Did all of your cash just do the big flash?
  -- Roadblock (after witnessing the disintegration of the money at a poker game)
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"I'll push your duty up your nose."
- Gung Ho (to Horrorshow, who is monitoring the television and radio channels for alien broadcasts)

The five Joes are fired out of five large cannons on the sub and parachute into the base, and the Oktober Guard, who are roused from their relaxation periods by the base’s alarms, grab their guns and greet the Joes at gunpoint. Duke tries to explain to Col. Brekhov that the Joes are on a mission of peace, however, the Oktober Guard’s commander is not convinced.

As the Joes are lead to the stockade, Gung Ho antagonizes Horrorshow and Gung Ho punches the Russian soldier to the ground. Immediately recognizing the distraction, the Joes swiftly disarm and capture their Oktober Guard captors. And as Snake Eyes holds Daina, she calls him an “America ski devil.”

Duke knocks Col. Brekhov’s gun out of his hand, grabs another from the Colonel’s holster, hold it next to the man’s head and declares that the fight is over. The Joes and the Russians stand at ease and Duke releases Col. Brekhov, hands his gun back to him and tells him in a stressed voice that the Joes are at the base on a mission of peace. Col. Brekhov agrees that they should talk.

While the Joes and the Oktober Guard mingle, Duke and Col. Brekhov decide to join forces since they will have a greater chance of finding and defeating the flying saucers with combined resources. As Wong, one of the Oktober Guard who fashions himself as a cowboy, introduces himself to Snake Eyes, Duke tells a shocked Gung Ho that he will be teammates with Horrorshow since Duke doesn’t want either “yahoo” out of his sight. Dusty, Stromavik, Daina, Dusty and Barbecue join Col. Brekhov, who plans to scout for the space ships over Europe while Duke’s team will investigate North America.

As Duke’s team (code-named Alpha) flies in the air, they pickup the ultimatum from the alien, who explains that he will destroy San Francisco and Vladivostok and demands that unless the planet surrenders to him, he will destroy every city on Earth. When the transmission ends, Duke is contacted by Col. Sharpe and is told that the President is ordering the US armed forces to amass around San Francisco and that the Russians are doing the same for their city.

While flying a G.I.Joe Falcon glider, Wong is shot down by Cobra agents near an Extensive Enterprises building. But before the two Cobras can shoot Wong, who is hanging on the building thanks to his lassoing skills, Snake Eyes knocks the two agents to the ground, and the two enter the building. As they sneak around the building, a trapdoor falls beneath them and they slide into a cage, which is surrounded by several armed Cobra agents. Tomax and Xamot, who surprise Wong and Snake Eyes by their presence since they were captured by the alien, tell them that they cut a deal with the alien. After Snake Eyes and Wong toss out their weapons, they are released from the cage and knocked unconscious after being shocked by guns that shoot electricity.

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