He must be a collector. They're desperate men.
  -- an archaeological dig leader (to a foreman curious about their attacker's identity)
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"Yo Joseph!"
- Daina (after the Oktober Guard and the Joes drive Cobra out of Russia)

They are carried to a spaceship, strapped to a table and greet the alien who broadcasted his ultimatum to the world and listens to him ask about the location of the Joes and the Oktober Guard. The alien then rips off his mask and then the mask of the desert traveler befriended by Dusty and Zartan surprises them. The Dreadnoks enter the room and explain that the space ship is nothing but a Cobra plane, but when Wong asks why Cobra is dressing up like space invaders, the Dreadnoks urge Zartan to reveal their plan. Cobra’s master of disguise angrily orders the Dreadnoks back to their posts and then receives a transmission from the second saucer, which is controlled by Cobra Commander. Zartan explains that the Joes and the Oktober Guard have no idea that Cobra is the alien force since Wong was genuinely surprised by the alien’s true identity.

Cobra Commander explains that since the Russian and American forces are heavily concentrated in two cities, the White House and the Kremlin are wide open targets for Cobra to attack. And he adds that Cobra forces are surrounding the targets while dressed as motorists and tourists. After attacking the two capitals at 1800 hours, Cobra Commander believes that the battle can be won in one hour and the military secrets of both nations will belong to Cobra.

Zartan signs off, aims a gun at Snake Eyes and asks if he has any last words. Just as Zartan is about to pull the trigger, Snake Eyes kicks him in the chest and causes the blast to loosen the strap across his chest. He quickly delivers a powerful kick to Zartan and the Cobra agent fights to stay conscious but falls to the ground. Snake Eyes frees Wong and Snake Eyes tries to figure out how to fly the ship while Wong contacts Duke and explains that the aliens are really Cobra and are going to attack the Kremlin and the White House. Gung Ho doesn’t believe anything he hears, but Duke points to Snake Eyes who is signaling with an OK sign that everything is on the level. Duke’s team heads for the White House while Col. Brekhov’s squad defends the Kremlin, and Duke orders Horrorshow to radio Joe headquarters for reinforcements.

When 1800 hours arrives, Cobra Commander orders the attack and ASPs attack the Kremlin in Moscow while Cobra Flight Pods fly toward the White House. As Duke, Horrorshow and Gung Ho defend the White House, a Cobra agent fires a bazooka at the White House and Gung Ho falls to the next level and is knocked out.

Fearing for Gung Ho’s life, Horrorshow drops down, moves a beam off Gung Ho’s back and carries him out of the blazing room. After Gung Ho awakens from the fall, they jump back into the fight.

As Skystrikers arrive at the White House and drive Cobra away, Russian planes fly to the Kremlin and eventually cause Cobra to retreat thanks to their superior firepower. “Nu Pagodi, gorgeous,” Dusty shouts while picking up Daina, who happily yells back at him, “Yo Joseph!” Cobra Commander radios Zartan’s ship, but Wong and Snake Eyes stand in front of the tied up mercenaries and Wong tells Cobra Commander to “drop his irons“ and come out reaching for the sky. However, Cobra Commander screams that he can still destroy the White House. But Snake Eyes and Wong work together and shoot down Cobra Commander’s craft, which crashes into a river. While Snake Eyes and Wong land, the dozens of generic Joes on the ground cheer on their teammates.

Back at the Oktober Guard’s base, Gung Ho asks how Snake Eyes knew the alien’s broadcast from the moon wasn’t real. Snake Eyes replays the ultimatum and points to a milk carton and a human hand, which are two things you don’t find on the moon, Gung Ho realizes. Horrorshow watches Snake Eyes nod and asks Gung Ho in jest, “Hey, Gung Ho, why is Snake Eyes getting all the brains while you are getting all the ugly.” Gung Ho grinds his teeth, growls and rushes toward Horrorshow, but Duke stops him and tells the Joes that it is time to go home.

Laughing at Horrorshow, Gung Ho tells him that he still thinks the Russian soldier is “a dumb Russian bear.” But Horrorshow laughs and repeats his opinion of Gung Ho: “Uuugly!” The two laugh at their differences and after the Joes shout “YO JOE,” the Russians then shout, “Nu Pagodi!”

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