Oh, no. It's your flying fool girlfriend.
  -- Duke (to Flint after seeing Lady Jaye fly close to the ground in her Skystriker)
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"You’re not dreaming, but you as sure as Sunday morning going to wish you were!"
- B.A. LeCarre (to the Joes and Cobras trapped underwater)

Skimming the surface of the ocean aboard a WHALE, Roadblock tells General Hawk, who is examining the horizon with a pair of binoculars, that there is nothing but “water everywhere.” General Hawk then adds, “And not a sign of Cobra anywhere.” Roadblock is mildly surprised to hear the Joes’ head honcho finish his rhyme, and notes that it isn’t a good sign. While General Hawk laughs and apologizes, Wet-Suit asks Leatherneck if he brought a seeing eye dog to help the Marines aim his gun turret. And just as the two Joes begin to swap insults, General Hawk tells them to “chill the friction.” Using his radio, Hawk then informs the other Joes that a recent satellite report mentioned Cobra activity in the area and cautions them to stay on their toes.

The Joes pull up to an oil rig and General Hawk asks the workers via a loudspeaker if they have seen any Cobra activity. “I should say so,” mutters Zartan as he rips off his refinery costume. Flanked by Zarana and Zandar, who also remove their costumes, the three Cobra agents order Cobra Vipers to open fire at the Joes.

After a WHALE is destroyed and the Joes on another WHALEs return fire, General Hawk asks Slipstream for some suppressing fire on the main deck of the oil rig. Missiles from Slipstream’s and two other Conquest X-30s strike the oil rig and Cobra Vipers plunge into the ocean while their cannons are destroyed.

General Hawk and the other Joes climb up the ladders and fight the Cobra agents in hand-to-hand combat, however, Zartan and his brother and sister jump into the ocean and escape on a Cobra Moray.

After the battle is over, Roadblock asks General Hawk about Cobra’s plans, and although Hawk doesn’t immediately have an answer, he checks a nearby display and confirms his suspicions: a salvation operation for something a quarter of a mile long and twenty stories high, the USS Flagg.

Admiral Ledger explains that the USS Flagg was lost during a battle with Cobra’s helicarrier, but Roadblock is unsure why the Joes would want to retrieve the ship. According to Admiral Ledger, the anti-matter energy pod aboard Cobra’s helicarrier is the most likely prize, which could power the entire eastern side of the US for a month. "Or destroy it," warns General Hawk.

As Wet-Suit and the Joes prepare for an underwater reconnaissance mission, Wet-Suit notes the irony of the situation - using Cobra’s own technology for their benefit. Cobra Commander, who has been watching the scene, asks Zartan if he is laughing. Zartan comments that the situation has turned unfortunate, however, the battle is not lost since he will simply follow the Joes and take the anti-matter pod from them.

General Hawk radios Wet-Suit, Leatherneck and Roadblock about their progress, but their report is interrupted as Wet-Suit comments, “Somebody is playing ‘Cold Slither’ on Davy Jones’s stereo.” Turning on the SHARC’s internal speakers, the Joes recognize the song, which is coming from the Flagg wreckage, and continue their trek.

However, while riding inside a Cobra sub, Zartan, Zarana and Zandar follow the Joes through a hole in the USS Flagg’s hull and crash into them after the SHARC comes to a stop. Both ships rise to the surface inside the Flagg and the Joes climb out of their ship.

Wet-Suit looks around the algae-covered decks and tells the others that it is impossible for them to still be breathing. “It doesn’t matter,” Zartan calmly states. “You won’t be breathing much longer anyway.” Roadblock, Leatherneck and Wet-Suit explain that they shouldn’t be fighting considering they are stuck a thousand fathoms under the sea.

Suddenly, several BATs appear and surround the Joes and Cobra agents while “Cold Slither” is playing in the background. Roadblock asks the others if they are dreaming the same scene he is, but a man wearing an apron and a Cobra uniform then tells everybody, “You’re not dreaming, but you as sure as Sunday morning going to wish you were!”

The Cobra agent introduces himself as B.A. LeCarre and declares that they are all guilty of trespassing the sacred decks of LeCarre City.

Deep Six, Low-Light and Cross Country look out over the sea while General Hawk explains to Admiral Ledger that he is unable to raise the Joes on the radio and the Flagg will be raised and the lives of his teammates will be saved whether or not there is a Cobra attack.

As the Joes and the Cobra mercenaries march through the Flagg, Roadblock theorizes that LeCarre must have survived thanks to an air bubble, and Zartan adds that their jailor probably rebuilt the BATS to do the “dirty work” around the ship.

The group of Joes and Cobras enters the anti-matter pod's room and learn that pod generated the electricity and cleaned the water and water while LeCarre lived off the kelp and seaweed grown nearby. “Pretty sharp for a fruitcake,” comments Zarana.

LeCarre starts a court session and introduces himself as the sheriff, who was a former mess hall cook, elite Cobra carrier wing pilot and the sole survivor of Cobra. “Wish he was,” mutters Roadblock. Zartan tries to explain that Cobra still exists, which shocks LeCarre at first, but then he asks why Cobra left him. “Nice try, Zartan,” mocks Roadblock.

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