You better pack for a long stay in intensive care because when I’m done with your cub scouts - I’m coming after you!"
  -- Leatherneck (to Buck McCann before the Cobra cadets hunt the Joe in a forest)
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"Now we are playing my game - Turn It Off Or Get Hurt."
- Flint (to the Gamesmaster)

As the Gamesmaster laughs while watching the lawnmower chase the Baroness, Lady Jaye and Cobra Commander, Koko begins to laugh. Commenting that it has been such a long time since he has heard his companion laugh, the Gamesmaster turns around and sees Flint pointing at him and telling him menacing voice: “Now we are playing my game - Turn It Off Or Get Hurt.”

Flint is grabbed by the Gamesmaster and thrown against a wall, but he recovers, runs at the Gamesmaster but bounces off the fifteen foot man’s gut and is slammed against the wall again. Catching sight of Lady Jaye on the monitor Flint rushes toward the control panel and tries to stop the lawn mower. Before he is attacked by the Gamesmaster again, Flint grabs the right leg of the man and causes him to fall onto the laughing Koko, who is destroyed. Flint pushes more buttons, rips the joystick off the control pad and stops the lawnmower. Kicking his feet and pounding the ground with his fists while on his back, the Gamesmaster declares that Flint cheated and then quickly escapes.

Flint radios Joes headquarters and tells the Joes to zero in on his signal before it goes dead. Breaker loses contact with Flint, but finds out where he is located. Duke orders a strike force to be dispatched and tells Breaker to contact Cobra since they did make a deal.

Rattlers and Skystrikers converge on the Gamesmaster’s island and the defenses are activated. Toy bi-planes, battleships and missiles are launched.

As Ace knocks out a ship in the Gamesmaster’s harbor, Duke and Destro destroy the missile launchers. Cobra and Joe forces parachute from the transport planes and attack the ground forces on the island.

Zartan and Scarlett dodge the shots by toys and toss grenades at their foes and destroy them. Laughing with satisfaction, Zartan helps Scarlett up from the ground and tells her that she is a great fighter. Placing a hand on her hip, she replies, “The competition keeps us in shape.”

Inside the control room, the Gamesmaster blames Flint since all of his toys are broken, however, before the Gamesmaster attacks Flint, a door is destroyed by Duke, Destro, Gung Ho and several Cobra agents. The Gamesmaster flees and the robots holding Flint attack the Joes and Cobras, but are promptly blown to bits. Flint tells Duke where the bald maniac went and Duke leads several Cobras and Gung Ho in a chase while Flint shows Destro that Cobra Commander and the Baroness really are knee-deep in a marshmallow swamp, a sight that causes Destro to throw back his head and laugh.

Several of the Joes and Cobras chase the Gamesmaster, however, he escapes aboard a slingshot-launched flying saucer and promises revenge as he flies away.

Admist the wreckage of the toy soldiers, Cobra Commander tells the Joes that if they were to combine their forces they would be an unbeatable force. “You think so?” Flint asks. “We almost got greased by toy soldiers.” Cobra Commander points at Flint and tells him that he has had enough of his sarcasm for one day and tells them to leave. Flint agrees to leave, however, Cobra Commander tells Flint:
“Oh, very clever, Flint. How considerate of you. You’ll take off then circle back and destroy our planes on the ground.”
Flint: “Then, you go first.”
Cobra Commander: “And turn our backs to you? How stupid do you think I am?”
Lady Jaye: “Look, have you got a better idea?”

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