Oh, swell.
  -- Shipwreck (as he notices the USS Trogon firing missiles over his head and into the water while swimming in the ocean)
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"This is Lady Jaye. Clothes are like candy to her."
- The Gamesmaster (telling Koko about his next target)

Two holographic robots continue to collide and try to defeat one another with a sword and a shield until the red robot disarms the purple robot and thrusts his sword into his opponent. After defeating a clown sitting in a chair on the opposite side of the holographic board, the Gamesmaster announces his feeling of ennui and decides to play a new game, one where real people fight for their lives and the Gamesmaster can play without getting hurt. Even though Koko, the clown sitting across from the Gamesmaster, tells his opponent that the new game will be boring, the large, bald and black-bearded master of strategy decides to capture the players for the game.

Flint races down the street in his convertible, screaches into the parking lot and is whisked away while trapped in the elevator as he travels up to his apartment in the twenty-five story apartment building thanks to a helicopter ripping the elevator out of the shaft.

The Gamesmaster comments that clothes are like candy to Lady Jaye, and after he incorrectly guesses which dress Lady Jaye will try on in the dressing room, Lady Jaye is captured as a wooden box closes around her as she is undressing.

And while the Baroness sits in a tank of water that is under a large sun lamp, the Gamesmaster tells Koko that she is a brilliant and resourceful Cobra agent. The circular sun lamp is brought down in order to trap the Baroness in the tank and a robot nurse wheels her away.

Watching over a group of Firebat pilots, Eels, Tele-Vipers beside Cobra HISS Tanks, Cobra Commander glares at his forces with his arms across his chest. A trapdoor opens under Cobra’s leader and a dummy of Cobra Commander is lifted up to the podium. Destro explains his disdain for the elaborate procession of the troops and his lack of understanding why Cobra Commander enjoys the show, then taps Cobra Commander’s shoulder, watches the head spring off and demands that a security alert be initiated. Meanwhile, four of the Gamesmaster’s robots, who are dressed as Cobra Polar troops, escort a missile away from the podium.

At Joe headquarters, Gung Ho tells Duke and Scarlett that it’s quite unlike Flint and Lady Jaye to leave town without some sort of notification, therefore, Scarlett concludes that Cobra is somehow involved, while Destro reaches the opposite conclusion after declaring Zartan’s accusation of a leadership coup an absurd thought in front of several Cobra troops and Crimson Guards.

On an island with snow-covered peaks and inside a house blanketed with crossword blocks on the outside wall, Flint, Lady Jaye, Cobra Commander and the Baroness cover their ears as an extremely loud cuckoo clock chirps. Everyone climbs out of their enormous crib filled with stuffed animals and listens to the unseen Gamesmaster welcome them to his very simple game, where the winner is the one who finds the helicopter on the island and flies away. “And what happens to the losers?” asks Flint. “They die,” replies the Gamesmaster, giggling like a kid.

Toy soldiers run into the room, kneel and aim their weapons at the Gamesmaster’s four prisoners. Cobra Commander shouts for someone to do something. Moments before the toy soldiers fire, Flint yells at everyone to dive to the ground. The shots strike a glass window and Flint yells for everyone to evacuate since the toys are not using toy ammo. While the Baroness, Flint and Lady Jaye, move through the broken window and over a hill nimbly, Cobra Commander falls out the window and tumbles down the fill, amusing everyone, and he yells at them to be silent.

After the Joes and Cobras decide to go their separate ways, Ace radios Breaker that he is flying over Greenland and is told to keep his eyes open for Cobra’s forces. A Cobra Polar trooper spots Ace and Cobra missiles strike the Skystriker. Parachuting to safety, Ace tells himself that the destroyed plane was the third one in the past month and that Duke will be quite upset. Ace pulls off his helmet, pulls out a gun and begins to walk into the misty land ahead of him. However, he is soon surrounded by four HISS tanks, so he drops his helmet and gun and tells Destro that he can take a hint.

As Flint and Lady Jaye stroll around the island, they learn that the forestry is made of candy and marshmallows. But as soon as Lady Jaye stops to smell a bonbon berry bush, the Baroness uses a candy cane to hook Lady Jaye and pull her into a pool.

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