Flint! I knew you'd miss me.
  -- Lady Jaye (receiving a phone call from Flint, who is on vacation)
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"Rust in peace."
- Flint (after shoving several robots into a grave)

Cobra Commander and the Baroness pick up shorter sticks of the candy canes and rush forward to attack Flint, however, he swats the Cobras aside and knocks Cobra Commander into the same pool as Lady Jaye, who yells at the fighting Baroness and Flint that they are sinking in caramel. Cobra Commander yells that it is not caramel they are sinking in but butterscotch. The Baroness and Flint agree to rescue their foes and Cobra Commander declares the whole experience disgusting.

Under a crescent moon, Duke, Gung Ho and unnamed Joe emerge from the water, walk onto shore and remove a tarp covering an AWE Striker. Gung Ho climbs aboard and picks up his gun. “All right! Scarlett remember to pack Baby!” he says, looking at his gun. The Joes drive off into the swamp and literally drop into Zartan’s laboratory with two other Joes. Zartan and the techs immediately raise their hands and Cobra’s Master of Disguise begs them not to shoot otherwise they might hit the vials, which are filled with a deadly swamp flu.

The Gamesmaster tells Koko that the next part of the game will be a real “ho ho.” Flint makes and offer to Cobra Commander and the Baroness that he will fly the helicopter and send help, however, Cobra Commander rejects the offer since he believes that Flint won’t send anyone back. Ever open to suggestions, Flint listens to Cobra Commander states that he will fly to his base and send troops back to rescue those left behind. But the Baroness tells Cobra Commander that not even she believes him. Cobra Commander demands to know which side she is on and she replies with a sneer that she is on her own.

Suddenly, a robot dragon lumbers toward the Joes and attempts to burn them with flames shooting from its nostrils. The Joes and Cobras evade the fire and retreat, but Cobra Commander falls down and cries for help. Flint stops and runs back toward the dragon telling a protesting Lady Jaye that G.I.Joe is dedicated to saving lives - even Cobra Commander’s. As the rock strikes the head of the dragon, which is leaning over Cobra Commander, the head turns to Flint, who utters, “Uh oh - it worked.”

The dragon fires a blast of fire toward the Joe, who dodges the flames but falls to the ground. Biting the clump of land Flint is on with its mouth, the dragon chews the dirt and drops the remains from a bone-cracking height. Flint falls to the ground and mechanical pallbearers place Flint in a casket and carry him away.

As a plane over the remaining prisoners drags a banner that states “One down three to go,” Lady Jaye states that none of this can be happening with teary eyes turned to the sky. The Baroness places a hand on Lady Jaye’s shoulder and tells her that Flint was a good fighter and that she should not feel sorrow, only revenge for the accursed Gamesmaster.

In a snowy mountain base where white Cobra HISS tanks flow in and out of a tunnel with a Cobra decorated entrance, Destro threatens Ace to tell him where Cobra Commander can be found or he will use extreme measures. Ace tells Destro that he doesn’t know anything about the missing Cobra agents and then demands that Cobra release Flint and Lady Jaye. Confused, Destro then receives a note from a Tele-Viper who explains that Zartan has been captured by the Joes (which causes Destro to laugh) and that the Joes will trade Zartan for Flint and Lady Jaye.

Gung Ho threatens Zartan to confess the location of the missing Joes or he will force Zartan to drink a vial of swamp flu. Zartan asks about his right but Gung Ho only pushes the test tube filed with a green fluid into Zartan’s face and says, “Talk or drink.” As Zartan begs to be shot and not forced to sip the water and Duke orders Gung Ho to give their foe a swig, Destro appears on a screen and explains that a third party is responsible for their missing personnel. Duke asks why they should believe and trust Destro. Ordering a trio of Crimson Guards who creep up behind the Joes to lower their weapons, Duke decides to trust Destro.

The pallbearers stop at a grave with a tombstone located near the Gamesmaster’s house and Flint swings open the lid to the coffin, leaps out and tackles all six of the robots into the grave. Tossing a wreath made of pink flowers, Flint tells the broken robots, “Rust in peace.”

Cobra Commander mutters to himself about being in a jungle thousands of miles and feeling miserable and the Baroness and Lady Jaye discover the helicopter. Cobra Commander rushes forward to fly the helicopter after telling Lady Jaye that he would leave two defenseless women on their own, but he is tackled to the ground by the Baroness. Lady Jaye tries to run to the helicopter, but her foot is caught by Cobra Commander. As the three players in the Gamesmaster’s game argue and fight one another, the Gamesmaster drives a large lawnmower over the helicopter and tells Koko, “If there’s one thing I hate it’s mowing the lawn.”

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