Bugs and snakes and jungle - this job ain't fun any more.
  -- Roadblock (marching through a jungle with Recondo and Blowtorch)
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"My achin’ back, George! Forget that ‘going down with the ship’ stuff!"
- General Hawk (to Admiral Lattimer while the USS Montana is sinking)

Hawk and the other Joes hide behind an island in the hopes of sailing to the Montana without being spotted. As Admiral Overton’s fleet arrives, the Joes set sail and Bazooka shoots a grappling that hooks the USS Constitution onto the USS Montana.

The Joes board the Montana and Shipwreck attacks the BATs while still playing his pirate character. However, because his sword is ineffective in a battle against the BATS, he is knocked against the wall. Before the BATs can shoot him, they are destroyed by Roadblock, General Hawk, Lady Jaye and Scarlett, who run toward the BATs with blazing guns while shouting, “YO JOE!”

The Joes are slowly pushed back by the BATs and the USS Constitution breaks free from the USS Montana. Hawk then ditches his “pop gun,” climbs into one of the gun turrets on the Montana, quickly mows down the BATs and then destroys the pulse modulator.

Destro turns away from the window at the helm and programs the automatic firing mechanism to destroy at least half the Atlantic Fleet, but Lattimer tells Destro that he shouldn’t bother since they have lost. “Cobra hasn’t lost - just you!” Destro yells as he knock Lattimer to the ground.

While Overton continues to watch the USS Montana approach, Destro evades Hawk’s shots while fleeing the ship inside a Trubble Bubble. General Hawk enters the Montana's control room and learns from Lattimer, who is furiously trying to reprogram the automatic firing mechanism, that the weapons are armed and locked and there is nothing he can do about it. Overton’s fleet is attacked by the Montana and he orders all ships to return fire.

Hawk tells Lattimer to deactivate the guns, but Lattimer explains that he can’t stop the guns from firing unless they can get to the auxiliary controls in the lower decks, which are occupied by BATs. Hawk tells Lattimer to lead the way and Deep Six and Shipwreck follow General Hawk and Lattimer race down several steps and fight several more BATs.

One of the cannons from Overton’s ships hits the side of the auxiliary control room and a wave of seawater ruins many of the BATs. The Joes shoot past the remaining BATs and destroy the auxillary controls, and the Montana's guns stop firing.

Even though the USS Montana is no longer attacking his fleet, Admiral Overton does not want to take any chances in the battle, so he orders his ships to send their opponent to the bottom of the ocean. The Montana is struck with several fatal blows and the Joes abandon ship and swim for the USS Constitution.

General Hawk and Lattimer climb up to the top deck of the Montana, and with flames blazing around them, Hawk tells Lattimer to follow him. But Lattimer remembers receiving command of the USS Montana and being ordered to serve the ship. Lattimer then tells Hawk that he is staying.

“My achin’ back, George! Forget that ‘going down with the ship’ stuff!” Hawk yells. Lattimer again refuses, so Hawk punches Lattimer in the jaw, causing him to fall to the ground. Hawk carries the man to the rails and the two plunge into the ocean. “It would have been more merciful to let me drown,” Lattimer tells Hawk, who cries out for the Joes’ help.

Aboard the USS Constitution, Shipwreck asks, “What’ll happen to Lattimer now, Hawk? Court martial? Prison?”
“I don’t know,” Hawk replies with his voice full of misery. “But he has already received the worst punishment imaginable.”

As the USS Montana sinks into the ocean, the Joes stand still and silent, and tears well up in the eyes of the ship’s friend, ex-US Navy Admiral George Lattimer. A blinding white bubble of horrific, explosive energy rises from the he sea and then the USS Montana disappears in a deafening roar.

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