Hey, let's keep this thing on the road! I left my wings at home.
  -- Tripwire (to Gung Ho as the ATV skids to the edge of a cliff)
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"Choices? I ran out of choices when I joined Cobra."
- Admiral Lattimer (to Destro after defecting to Cobra)

While at sea, Destro gives Serpentor's present, a Cobra uniform, to Admiral Lattimer. However, Lattimer is more concerned about his ship and asks Destro about air support. A Cobra submarine arrives and Cobra agents use a crane to place a large device with a satellite dish onto the Montana's deck.

The communication consol on the Montana chirps and Admiral Lattimer listens to Hawk plead for his friend to surrender or the Joes will launch a large attack. But Destro laughs and tells Lattimer that he shouldn’t surrender since there is nothing but prison for Lattimer and a cutter’s torch for the Montana.

After ending the conference with Hawk, Lattimer is told by Destro that he made the right decision, but Lattimer looks at the Cobra navy uniform on his chair and replies, “Choices? I ran out of choices when I joined Cobra.”

Overton, who is standing behind Hawk at Joe headquarters, tells the Joes' commander that he knows what must be done. Hawk’s head, bowed low and with his eyes closed, turns to Admiral Overton and glumly replies, “Yes, I know.” Picking up a headset, Hawk orders all air and sea units to sink the Montana.

Onboard a WHALE, Shipwreck laments about the end of the grand ship, then fires his torpedoes. And as several missiles approach the Montana, Lattimer tells Destro that he hopes the steel-masked Cobra agent can swim, but Destro tells Lattimer not to worry and presses a button that activates the device delivered by the Cobra sub. The rockets and submarines explode and power to the WHALEs and Conquest X-30s evaporates.

Lattimer is informed by Destro that the Pulse Modulator creates a two-mile electro-magnetic bubble that protects the ship from any electronic device, and Lattimer picks up the Cobra uniform and tells Destro that he might enjoy wearing Serpentor’s gift after all.

At Joes headquarters, Hawk tells the Joes that Admiral Overton is leading the Atlantic Fleet toward the Montana and a large number of lives will be lost unless the Joes are willing to participate in a very risky and very unauthorized mission. Shipwreck, who is still disturbed from the last battle, comments that they might as well be throwing spitballs at the ship. Hawk then asks for volunteers and every single member of the Joe team steps forward. “All right!” Hawk whispers with a proud voice.

The Joes fly in Tomahawk helicopters, lash several transport cables to the US Navy’s oldest ship still on active duty, the wind-powered USS Constitution, and carry the ship away despite the protesting shore policemen.

While the Joes set up the sails, Shipwreck climbs out of the museum downstairs and begins to order the Joes around like a pirate captain. However, Wet-Suit thumps a piece of metal in his hand and asks, “What’s that you say, Captain Bly?” And Shipwreck is quickly retreats from the annoyed Joes.

On the USS Montana, Lattimer orders the BATs to load armor piercing shells into the cannons for their engagement with the Fifth Fleet, who have sailors that wish to see the Montana turned into razor blades according to Destro.

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