Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?
  -- Duke (talking to Rock 'n' Roll before playing in the Average Joe Band)
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"You’re one lucky guy. This lady really loves you."
- Major Ron Michaels (to Flint about Lady Jaye)

Lifeline tells them to be quiet, but the BATs find them and take aim. Michaels pulls out his gun and hopes that Lifeline is a good shot. But Lifeline explains that he is a pacifist and Sullivan angrily asks, “How’d we get so lucky?”

Flint, Lift-Ticket and Beach Head try to shoot the BATs from behind, however, the android troopers survive the attack, fire back at the Joes and march after the Ghost pilots and Lifeline.

Lift-Ticket destroys one of the slow-thinking BATs with a grenade while Flint climbs to the top of a hill and shoves a boulder off a cliff the crushes the remaining androids, who stay on the boulder as it rolls away. “Now there’s something you don’t see every day,” says Michaels.

After Michaels learns from Lifeline that his leg is broken, Flint tries to confront the Ghost pilot while carrying him in a gurney to the Tomahawk with Lifeline, but the Joes’ medic tells Flint to lay off since Michaels is going into shock.

Aboard the other Ghost plane, Lady Jaye turns off the internal camera and travels into the sky with her co-pilot in order to test the plane. Hector Ramirez reviews the highlights of his show and then explains that he is currently broadcasting from a C-5A cargo plane and switches to two external cameras which are mounted on Scarlett’s Conquest X-30.

The Ghost joins the cargo and Conquest planes and Serpentor identifies the Ghost on radar. But Cobra Commander, who is watching the broadcast, knows the plane is not alone and tries to warn Serpentor. Unfortunately, the Night Ravens attack the Joes while on television and Ramirez proudly states that Twenty Questions always offers the answers. “They made fools of us all on national TV!” screams Cobra Commander.

The Conquest X-30s break escort formation and Scarlett and Slipstream destroy two of the three Night Ravens. Lady Jaye turns her Ghost around in order to join the flight, but the last Cobra jet streaks by and her co-pilot, Major Evans, is bumped out of his seat and knocked unconscious.

Unable to reach Evans, Lady Jaye dons the flight helmet while noticing the plane is riding itself, then attempts to outrace the Night Raven and its pilot, who has been surgically altered to withstand high-G stress. After reaching Mach four, Lady Jaye slows down, watches the Cobra plane fly past her and fires a missile, which hits the Night Raven.

Later that evening, while Major Sullivan offers Hector Ramirez a statement for the next episode of Twenty Questions, Flint walks over to Ron Michaels and asks to have a word with him. But as soon as Michaels learns who is talking to him, he interrupts, “Oh, so you’re the Flint Lady Jaye’s been telling me so much about.”
“But -“ Flint says.
“You’re one lucky guy. This lady really loves you. Take care of yourself, Lady Jaye,” Michaels adds.
“See you in the skies, Ron,” she replies. Turning to Flint, she asks what he wanted to say to Michaels.

“Nothing, Lady Jaye. What I thought I saw wasn’t what I saw,” Flint tells her.

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