Hey, let's keep this thing on the road! I left my wings at home.
  -- Tripwire (to Gung Ho as the ATV skids to the edge of a cliff)
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"Tell all the starlets I’ll be back to sign autographs."
- Shipwreck (flying away in a Cobra Flight Pod and yelling to the director and producer of The G.I.Joe Story)

Buzzer helps destroy the desert set by cutting a support beam on a water tower, causing the tower to crush the camera while the scene is in progress. Elsewhere, Ripper shoots at Blowtorch and Mutt, however, Junkyard jumps onto the Joes and pushes them to the ground. Realizing that the Ripper on the set is real, Mutt turns to the growling Junkyard and says, “Be my guest,” before Junkyard attacks Ripper.

As the set continues to explode, Zartan places an explosive on the Firebat. Mutt tackles Zartan to the ground while Blowtorch rips the bomb off the plane and tosses it in the air. Diving for cover as the bomb explodes, he knocks Mutt off Zartan and Cobra’s Master of Disguise flees with the other Dreadnoks on Cobra Python Cycles. Diving for cover, Dusty knocks Mutt to the ground while Cobra’s master of disguise flees with the other Dreadnoks on Cobra Python Cycles.

Landsburg shouts with glee and exclaims that they have just witnessed the most realistic battle scene ever, however, the cameraman next to him tells him that he doesn’t have it on film since the water tower crushed him camera. As the two survey the lot, they find that of the remaining three cameras, two were destroyed and the third was not even activated by the cameraman who was tending to the long shot.

Shipwreck calls Marty and asks if he can bail them out of jail, and the producer is so irritated that he begins to yell at Shipwreck, and Cover Girl merely smiles. The other Joes pick up Shipwreck and Cover Girl and drive off in a limo without Marty. They travel to the studio’s Joe and Cobra vehicle lot and decide to take a few Flight Pods and a Cobra Rattler in order to comb the desert for their missing friends, Dusty and Recondo. Shipwreck offers to stay behind and guard the Firebat, however, Cover Girl grabs Shipwreck’s ear and tells him that Mutt and Junkyard can stay behind and that he is coming with her because she wants to keep an eye on him. Rubbing his best friend’s head, Mutt tells Junkyard, “Looks like we’ve drawn guard duty again, ol’ buddy.”

Marty and George walk to the studio lot with the vehicles and catch site of the Joes borrowing the vehicles, the same pieces of equipment they need for the day’s shoot. As they fly away, Shipwreck tells the director and producer: “Tell all the starlets I’ll be back to sign autographs.”
“Shipwreeeeck!” Cover Girl yells. Looking forward and grimacing slightly, Shipwreck tells her, “Oh, you’re no fun anymore.”

As Buzzer peeks through the blinds to look at the world outside and Ripper watches a boxing match on television in a motel room, Cobra Commander calls Zartan a fool for not completing his mission and tells him that Torch was captured. The Dreadnoks want to spring their comrade, but Cobra Commander wants the Firebat situation fixed first.

In the desert, Recondo is told by Dusty that the heat is not so bad as long as he stays “mellow.” A coyote appears and begins to snarl at his newest meal, however, Dusty explains that coyotes are only dangerous in packs. Suddenly, seven more appear. “You and your big mouth,” Mutt replies. As the Joes ready themselves for the attack, Shipwreck spots his friends and dives low to the ground to scare and scatter the coyotes and flies back up into the air, shouting a loud “Yo Joe!” Dusty and Recondo at first believe they are attack by Cobra when they see the Trubble Bubble, but when they hear Shipwreck’s voice they are surprised by the sight of their rescuer. Shipwreck dives to the ground again, scares the coyotes, radios the other Joes that he has found their friends but one of them bites his pants. Kicking the coyote off and watching it fall into a river, Shipwreck says in his best Roadrunner voice, “Meep-Meep!”

Returning to the studio, Shipwreck begins to yell to Mutt that Recondo and Dusty have been found but stops in mid-sentence when he sees Mutt and Junkyard unconscious on the ground. Turning around suddenly, Shipwreck dodges Buzzer punch from behind and proceeds to batter and bruise Ripper and Zartan until he is punched into the Firebat by Zartan. As Shipwreck is knocked out, he taps the auto-pilot button and flies off to Cobra’s base with the aid of the homing beacon. Mutt awakens just as the Dreadnoks and Zartan flee and while Shipwreck flies away.

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