He must be a collector. They're desperate men.
  -- an archaeological dig leader (to a foreman curious about their attacker's identity)
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"I saved a customer."
- Destro (replying to Cobra Commander's statement that he had been saved from the Joes)

Cobra troops take defensive positions at Cobra’s base while the Firebat lands. Cobra Commander and Destro walk with several Crimson Guardsmen to the Firebat, and as Shipwreck awakens and finds himself surrounded by Cobra agents, he immediately stands up and declares that they are all his prisoners, however, the sailor is knocked out from behind and dragged away to a chamber for the sole purpose of entertaining the sick pleasures of Cobra Commander.

Inside the commissary at Miracle Studio, the Joes grumble over their losses and Marty storms into the room wondering out loud if their next move is to burn down the studio. Cover Girl snaps her fingers and shouts, “That’s it!” “What?” Mutt asks. “We are going to burn down the studio?” Cover Girl explains that burning down the studio isn’t her plan but, rather, they could use some Hollywood magic to get Shipwreck back.

Cobra Commander listens to Shipwreck ask if he expects him to talk. However, Cobra’s leader states that he only expects him to fry. As Cobra agents shoot at Shiprwreck, who stands on a beam over molten lead and tries to avoid the lasers, a Crimson Guard reports that the Joes have sent a message on Cobra’s ultra-secret transmission frequency. Cover Girl explains that Torch, who is strapped to a table and is about to be crushed with a large plate covered with spikes, is about to give up the location of Cobra headquarters and demands that Cobra return Shipwreck.

As the transmission ends, Cover Girl hands Recondo a towel so he can wipe the make-up off. As Zartan and his Dreadnoks rescue Torch and return back to the motel, the rescued Dreadnok tells Zartan that the “female Joe” studied his face. Zartan tries to contact Cobra Commander, however, a Tele-Viper tells Zartan that Cobra Commander has ordered all radio frequencies to remain silent.

Landsburg complains that he is two weeks behind schedule and that he has not yet captured a believable battle scene on film. A large number of Cobra Firebats appear in the sky and Cobra Commander lands on the ground in front of the Joes. With a gun next to Shipwreck, who is tightly bound by rope and blindfolded, Cobra Commander demands the return of Torch, but as the conversation between the two armies becomes tense, Shipwreck decides to take matters into his own hands by knocking Cobra Commander to the ground.

Destro believes Cobra has fallen into a trap and orders the Cobra forces to attack. The Joes scatter and rescue Shipwreck while Junkyard attacks Cobra Commander, who demands that his army scatter the bones of the Joes at his feet.

As the battle rages, Landsburg does not know what is happening but he wants it all on film, so the drivers race around the studio and try to capture the battle. Shipwreck asks Cover Girl how they are going to get out alive and she points to the sky. G.I.Joe Skystrikers attack the Cobra Firebats and soon the Joes are fighting Cobra’s forces on the ground. Cobra Commander’s Firebat is destroyed by a wrecked Firebat that falls from the sky.

Screaming for Destro to get him out of the field of battle, Destro tells Cobra Commander to follow his signal. At a saloon Cobra Commander keeps Cover Girl at bay until Shipwreck shoves a burning wagon into the saloon, however, Cobra Commander sneaks out the back and climbs into Destro’s Firebat.
“You saved me!” says Cobra Commander.
“I saved a customer,” replies Destro.

With the studio in ruins, Marty yells at Shipwreck and Cover Girl, however, Cover Girl explains that the situation is worse than he believes because Cobra Commander escaped. Landsberg drives up and tells them that he has captured all of the battle on film; as a result, the Joes are exonerated.

While at the premiere of The G.I.Joe Story, the Joes, who are all in tuxedoes, watch Landsburg drive up and explain to a group of reporters that the film wouldn’t have been possible without the help of two very special people, his mom and dad. Infuriated that he was not mentioned, Shipwreck tries to rush forward, however, the other Joes hold him back and listen to him yell, “Let me at him! I’ll murderlize the bum!”

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