I don’t think they’ll let you in, Leatherneck. They have an IQ minimum at the door.
  -- Wet-Suit (joking with Leatherneck about the newest club in town)
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"What is that madman is up to now?"
- Destro (while flying to Cobra Commander's newest base of operations)

A rope is lassoed around an antennae and a black cald female intruder climbs a wall of the Joes’ headquarters. However, Breaker reports that an intruder is in tunnel 13 to Duke and Bazooka, Quick Kick, Lady Jaye and Scarlett follow Duke and all the Joes confront the intruder, who is unmasked and revealed as Amber, which shocks Quick Kick.

In an interrogation chamber, Amber tells the Joes that all she wanted to do was join the Joes and asks Quick Kick for support. However, Quick Kick tells Duke in his best John Wayne impression, “If you ask me, pilgrim, I say we oughtta string ‘er up.” Duke declares the crisis is at an end and orders Quick Kick to give Amber the nickel tour.

They visit the Skystriker hanger and Quick Kick explains that the security codes for all of the planes are changed every night. A tech notes that the code for the evening is 10-6-9. “That should cut down on uninvited guest,” Quick Kick says. “Like me, Quick Kick?!” asks Amber. And as she turns to run, Quick Kick follows her while Alice, the Skystriker tech, tells Lady Jaye that her plane will soon be ready upgraded with the new guidance system.

As Scarlett, Bazooka, Breaker, Alpine, Roadblock, Dusty, Spirit and Flint listen to Duke explain that Gung Ho’s last transmission was received from a place called Snake Island and has probably been captured, Amber bursts into the room and Quick Kick quickly apologizes for Amber’s presence. Escorting her away, Quick Kick tells her that she is now down to the penny tour.

Destro flies his FANG toward Snake Island and contacts Cobra Commander, who explains that he has arrived just in time to witness his latest stroke of genius. After Cobra Commander signs off, Destro wonders, “What is that madman is up to now?”

Doc informs Duke that the long-range laser guidance system passed all the tests and Duke picks up the device and notes with an impressed voice that the system could allow someone to shoot a gnat off the rings of Saturn. Amber and Quick Kick enter the room and Quick Kick apologizes for showing up since he thought the Joes would be in the map room, and the two leave to travel back to Amber’s sorority. Lady Jaye tells Duke with a scratchy voice that she doesn’t trust Amber. Concerned for his teammate health, Duke insists that she pay Doc a visit, so she turns around and sets an apppointment with Doc for tomorrow.

The security code for the night, 10-6-9, is transmitted to Cobra’s base on Snake Island, and as soon Cobra Commander orders the Rattlers to attack the Joes’ base, Destro enters the room and reminds Cobra Commander that their aggreement states that he is to supply Cobra with all of their weaponary. Cobra Commander explains that he has not viloate the agreeement and adds that he will show Destro and the entire world his plan starting tomorrow.

Rattlers drop bombs onto the Joes’ Skystrikers and all but Lady Jaye’s are destroyed. She flies into the air and attacks the Cobra planes, but she is shot down. And Breaker tells Duke, “She’s gone.” Infuriated, Duke orders Breaker to get every Joe in the briefing room - especially Quick Kick.

Dusty, Cover Girl, Blowtorch, Airborn, Quick Kick, Spirit, Shipwreck, Mutt, Flash, Snake Eyes, Ace and Roadblock listen to Duke explain that Deep Six is currently looking for Lady Jaye and that the Joes had a visitor who may have been a Cobra spy. Turning to Quick Kick, Duke tells him that he wants Amber brought in. Sighing heavily, Quick Kick tells Duke: “Like Mae West said, ‘When women go wrong, men go right after them.’” Scarlett turns to Duke and asks him if Quick Kick even cares, but Duke cuts her off and explains that Quick Kick does care; he simply just isn’t the type to show his feelings.

Driving a Silver Mirage up to a sorority house, Quick Kick enters the building and causing half-dressed women to scream and run to their rooms while Sandy walks up to Quick Kick and asks if Quick Kick has a brother with shoulders like his. “No, a sister,” he replies. Led to Amber’s room, Sandy tells Quick Kick that it is embarrasing to have a neat roommate and then plays Amber’s answering machine tape for Quick Kick since she sometimes leaves messages. The two learn that Amber feels like the Joes believe her to be a Cobra spy, therefore, she has gone to Snake Island to destroy it on her own. “Wish me luck,” she says happily before adding sadly, “I’m going to need it.” Quick Kick is shocked and runs from the room.

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