With Dial-Tone working for me, Serpentor is as good as finished.
  -- Cobra Commander (after Zarana informs him that Dial-Tone has joined Cobra)
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Credits: written by David Schwartz

Production Number: 600-81

Original Airdate: November 10, 1986

A new nightclub near one of the Joe bases is in reality a giant spaceship created by Cobra! With Wet-Suit, Hot-Spot, and Dial-Tone aboard, the club blasts off into space! Cobra’s plan is to force the Joes to surrender Dr. Mullaney to them. Dr. Mullaney has been working on a nitrogen fuel project that Serpentor desperately wants to get his hands on! The Joes aboard the night club must figure out a way to return the ship to Earth before their oxygen gives out! [Notes: Hot-Spot was Sci Fi’s original name; also, Leatherneck replaced Sci Fi in the episode; the episode synopsis included the title "Joes’ Night Out"]

G.I.Joe: Beach Head, Cross Country, Dial-Tone, General Hawk, Iceberg*, Junkyard*, Leatherneck, Lift-Ticket*, Low-Light*, Mainframe, Mutt*, Slipstream, Wet-Suit Cobra: AVAC, Destro*, Dr. Mindbender, Serpentor, Viper*
G.I.Joe: APC, Conquest X-30, LCV Recon Sled Cobra: Firebat, Night Raven
* indicates the character was silent during the episode

Satin, who first appeared in "Three Cubes to Darkness," which is the third part of The Pyramid of Darkness, was seen on the club's video system singing "The Cobra Who Got Away."

Dr. Mullaney, who first appeared in "There's No Place Like Springfield - Part I," returned to the series.

Serpentor's line of dialogue "Dance, fools, dance" may have been inspired by the title of the 1931 film Dance, Fools, Dance, which starred Clark Gable and Joan Crawford.

Considering the design of the club is strikingly similiar to the pod rockets in G.I.Joe: The Movie, the design may have been influenced by Serpentor's dreams of Cobra-La.

Leatherneck moustache was colored with the wrong inker.

The numbers three and five on the telephone's key pad appear to be identical.

As seen in the left image, the inker covered too much of Dr. Mullaney's chin with white ink.

Dial-Tone's sleeves should be beige, not green (left image).

Dr. Mindbender's gloves and wrist guards suddenly appeared between the time he was seen kneeling and standing in front of Serpentor.

Wet-Suit's space suit was not included in a scene (right).

Dr. Mindbender's pants were missing during a shot inside Cobra's labs.

Unlike all of Dial-Tone's other scenes, he appeared in one shot with an extremely droopy moustache and berret.

The Firebat in the background was white instead of red.

The center section of Slipstream's chin strap changes from dark brown to light grey, which is the incorrect color.

Mainframe's gloves were not included in part of the scene at G.I.Joe headquarters.


Roadblock explains that you should never tell a stranger on the phone that you are home alone.


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