Cobra’s going to pay for this.
  -- Gung Ho (after learning his vacation was cancelled because of Cobra)
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"Now comes the hard part. You're going to have to trust me."
- Satin (after leading Shipwreck and his friends away from several Cobra agents)

As Destro brags to the drowning Joes, Flint and Lady Jaye, about his imminent victory, Wild Bill complains about the stand-off between the Joes and Cobra, who can do anything they want and prevent the Joes from reaching his teammates.

Lady Jaye and Flint sink below the surface, but Lady pulls out a javelin that creates a bubble full of air so they can breath. Safe inside the bubble, Flint remarks that it's nice to breathe again even if the quarters are tight.
Lady Jaye: "Oh, I don't know. I think it's rather cozy for a bubble."
Flint (clearing his throat quickly): "So where to we go from here? I-I mean, not personally, I mean the mission."
Lady Jaye (blushing): "Why, to the top, naturally."
And Lady Jaye and Flint float to the surface, climb out of the bubble and attempt to attack Destro's cube again.

Shipwreck and Snake Eyes are followed by two Cobra agents to a night club that only accepts customers who have reservations. The maitre' d, who is dressed in a 80s outfit, is bribed with money and Shipwreck's fist to ignore Polly and Timber. Taking a seat near the front stage of the Snake Club, the Joes listen to Satin sing "The Cobra Who Got Away."

The Cobra agent who was following the Joes enters the cafe with reinforcements and orders the troops to fan out and capture the Joes. But Satin walks down from the stage, sits on Shipwreck's lap and tells him that they are coming for him between lyrics. She leads the Joes to the stage, where they join several dancers in Vegas-like costumes. And Snake Eyes breakdances at the urging of Shipwreck to not be shy in moving his feet.

Behind the waterfall, Cobra Commander chastises Destro via teleconference about the speed of the cube's placement and tells him to watch out for the Joes behind him, but Lady Jaye throws a javelin that launches a net and snares Destro and a few Cobra agents. Flint places a mine on the cube, however, mechanical arms come out of the cube to remove the mine, coil around Flint and Lady Jaye and remove the net from Destro. As Destro retreats, the other Joes surge toward the cube with Sluggers and Skystrikers in order to save their teammates and destroy the cube.

As the music ends, the Joes and Satin kick a few Cobra agents away from the stage, run backstage and turn off the lights. As Shipwreck dodges the Cobra agents in the darkened backstage, Polly quotes Shakespeare, "All the world's a stage." But Shipwreck grabs Polly's beak and states: "'Can it birdbrain.' Shipwreck Delgado." Satin pulls back a costume rack to reveal a hidden passage and after the Joes are safe, Satin turns to them and says, "Now comes the hard part. You're going to have to trust me."

Tomax and Xamot arrive at the City of the Dead before Roadblock, Airtight and Footloose and hide behind the Guardians of the Dead. The twins explain to a Crimson Guard that after the Guardians have destroyed the Joes, the cube will be planted then they will be gone without any interference. As the Joes enter the city, Airtight reports that he is unable to take any readings of the place due to interference from the metals and volcanic activity in the area, and as he walks into the temple, he steps on a stone that awakens the Guardians.

Major Bludd places the third cube and attacks the Joes as soon as they are in range. Alpine drives his Snow Cat toward the Cobras and asks Bazooka how they will defeat the Cobras before they position the cube. "Strategy?" Bazooka asks. "Now you're talking, Bazook (sic). I may even quote you in my memoirs."

Cobra attacks the Joes, therefore, Alpine yodels to break the icy platform near the cube and with Tollbooth's Bridgelayer, the Joes drive across the gap as Alpine and Bazooka climb the mountain in an attempt to attack Cobra from behind, a strategy similar to Flint and Lady Jaye's.

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