I donít know, but I ainít eating it until I find out.
  -- Low-Light (to Sci Fi while looking at an unidentifiable part of their meal)
Home Episode Summaries Season 2 Into Your Tent I Will Silently Creep - Notes

Credits: written by Buzz Dixon and Michael Charles Hill

Production Number: 600-86

Original Airdate: November 20, 1986

Someone or something is stealing personal objects from Joe Headquarters. No one is too excited by it until Cross Country discovers that his tape deck is gone. Then he gets real mad! Without official sanction from General Hawk he follows a trail which leads him into the bowels of a subterranean lair where he discovers Cobra Commander and a secret Cobra society/brotherhood known as the Coil.

G.I.Joe: Alpine*, Bazooka*, Beach Head*, Cover Girl*, Cross Country, Dial-Tone, Duke*, Flint*, General Hawk, Gung Ho, Iceberg*, Lady Jaye, Leatherneck*, Lifeline*, Lift-Ticket, Low-Light, Mainframe, Mutt*, Roadblock, Scarlett*, Sci Fi, Sgt. Slaughter*, Slipstream, Snow Job*, Wet-Suit* Cobra: Buzzer, Cobra Commander, Destro, Dr. Mindbender, Firefly, Monkeywrench, Ripper, Serpentor, Storm Shadow*, Tele-Viper*, Thrasher*, Torch
G.I.Joe: HAVOC, Tomahawk Cobra: none
* indicates the character was silent during the episode

In case you were wondering, the book Into Your Tent I'll Creep, which is similar to the episode's title, does not parallel the episode's plot.

The shot of the Dreadnoks, who first appeared when they confronted Cross Country in Cobra's underground base, was recycled when the group tried to fry the Joe while he was evading Firefly and Destro. Also, the recycled scene was tweaked to include Monkeywrench leaning forward and asking if any of the Dreadnoks brought marshmallows.

The character design of the elderly lady striking a Tele-Viper with a shovel bears a striking resemblance to the Gypsy in "The Phantom Brigade."

Lifeline, who has repeatedly explained that he is a pacifist, was seen holding a gun while inside a Tomahawk. The Joe also carried a gun in "G.I.Joe and the Golden Fleece."

Since this is the last television episode, including a scene of the Joes enjoying a last meal before they are condemned to reruns and then disappearing from the television airwaves is rather appropriate. And considering that Cross Country entered the room and nearly announcing that there is a traitor on the Joe team since his radio was stolen, the scene in the commissary could be viewed as an allusion to the Last Supper in the Bible.

The word "Truble" appears on a Tele-Viper's visor instead of "Trouble" (Matthew Pak's 3 3/4" G.I.Joe Collector Guide - Volume Two: The Television Episodes).

The sleeves of Cross Country's coat was incorrectly colored with a white ink.

Snow Job's beard was colored with a black ink (right image) instead of red (left image).

Iceberg's face was inked with the wrong color (right image).

The color of Mainframe's coffee cup changes from blue to grey.

Water doesnít splash as the rattillo runs through it.

Torchís shirt is solid brown (left image) instead of yellow with black blocks.

The slaves' hair color changes from grey to brown.

The lenses in Lifeline's glasses are clear instead of green.

The top of Sci Fi's helmet should have been inked with the same bright green color as his clothes.


Roadblock explains that you should never tell a stranger on the phone that you are home alone.


Chips Ahoy

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