I know someone I’d like to put in a wheelchair.
  -- Wet-Suit (to Leatherneck after Shipwreck berates them)
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"What? No werewolves?"
- Gung Ho (after a base commander tells the Joe not to scoff his country's legends)

Major Bludd orders the Firebats to destroy a munitions depot located in the midst of the Carpathian mountains and the Firebats and Major Bludd’s FANG helicopter rip the buildings apart. Ivan, one of the soldiers in the plant, tries to contact the base’s commander for help, however, with the entire base under attack, the commander cannot send support. Cobra presses the attack on the ground.

Flying across the mountainous region, Scarlett leads a group of Skystrikers against the Firebats. Before destroying a Firebat, she whispers, “You can run Cobra, but you can’t hide.” Scarlett radios Duke, who is leading a convoy of ground equipment to the plant, however, Scarlett hears not Duke’s voice but Cover Girl’s, who replies, “And don’t worry about Duke. He’s right here beside me.”
“Yeah, I’ll just bet he is,” radios Scarlett.

The convoy arrives at the plant and Maulers, APCs, Sluggers and Armadillos are brought into the battle to drive back Cobra. Duke orders the Joes to hit Cobra hard and fast before pulling the base commander and Ivan to safety as Cobra Hang gliders attempt to shoot them, but Gung Ho knocks the Cobras out of the sky with a few well-aimed shots.

Duke orders Gung Ho to guard the base commander and the other soldier and the three dive under cover before a Firebat cuts them down. Gung Ho remarks that the commander sounds like Count Dracula and the commander is slightly miffed that Gung Ho scoffs their legends of ghosts and vampires. “What? No werewolves?” asks Gung Ho. The Firebat pilots go against Major Bludd’s orders to stay and fight since they are low on fuel and outnumbered, and as the pilots turn to leave, one of the Cobra agents comments that they can’t spend the money if they are six feet under.

After an elderly gypsy threatens two Cobra Eels with a curse that cause both agents to let go of her, the Baroness calls them fools and then leads the gypsy to Cobra Commander. Major Bludd is insulted by Cobra Commander as he reports of his failure to capture the base and the Baroness walks into the room with an old gypsy woman. The Baroness warns Cobra Commander about the unpredictable nature of gypsy magic, but Cobra Commander silences her and tells the old woman to bring forth warriors who are already dead so he can enlist them into Cobra’s army.

Pulling out a pouch and loosening a drawstring, the gypsy explains that she knows of three warriors who can be drawn to objects which were dear to them in life: a Roman coin, a gold ring and a silver heart-shaped locket. The gypsy woman brings the warriors who have not crossed into the spirit realm peacefully due to a treacherous or accidental death.

The coin brings a Roman soldier into the land of the living while the gold wedding ring brings a female Mongolian warrior and the locket brings a World World I airman and his bi-plane to the corporeal world. Cobra Commander explains to the ghosts that their precious possessions will be returned once they have served him.

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